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Fields of study at Pitt State

Explore the majors, minors, and certificate programs to identify the one that aligns best with your strengths and interests, allowing you to excel academically and personally. Looking for graduate programs only? Check out Graduate School programs.

Field of study Info
Kansas Insurance Certificate
Professional Sales and Sales Management Certificate
Internal Auditing
International Business
Fraud Examination Minor
Computing Minor
Business Economics
Business Administration Minor
Business Administration (Online MBA) Online Master's Degree
Healthcare Administration (MBA) Online Master's Emphasis
Accounting (MBA)
Marketing (MBA)
International Business (MBA)
Human Resources (MBA)
General Administration (MBA)
Business Administration (MBA) Master's Degree
International Dual Degree (MBA) Master's Emphasis
Computer Information Systems Major
Professional Accountancy Master's Degree
Business Studies Major
Hospitality Management
Second Teaching Option in Physical Education Minor
Recreation Minor
Physical Education
Exercise Science
Human Performance/Strength Conditioning Emphasis
Exercise Science - Clinical/Pre-Professional track Emphasis
Health, Human Performance and Recreation Master's Degree
Sport and Leisure Service Management Online Master's Emphasis
Human Performance and Wellness Master's Emphasis
Recreation Services, Sport and Hospitality Management Major
Recreation and Sport Management Emphasis
Community and Worksite Wellness Emphasis
Therapeutic Recreation Emphasis
Women's Health Minor
Women's and Gender Studies
Public Health Minor
Innovation Engineering Minor
Gerontology Minor
Sustainability Certificate
International Knowledge and Experience (IKE) Certificate
Integrated Studies Major
Liberal Studies Emphasis
Sustainability Society and Resource Management Emphasis
Healthcare Innovation Emphasis
Analytics Emphasis
General Studies Major
Psychology for Justice Studies Minor
School Psychology Education Specialist Degree
School Counseling (Pre K-12) Master's Degree
Psychology as a Second Teaching Field Major
Psychology and the Military Emphasis
Psychology and Legal Issues Emphasis
Human Resource Development
Developmental Disabilities Emphasis
General Psychology Master's Emphasis
Clinical Psychology Master's Emphasis
Behavior Analysis Master's Emphasis
Additive Manufacturing Certificate Certificate
Automotive Service Technology
Diesel and Heavy Equipment
Plastics Technology
Mechanical Technology
Manufacturing Technology
Manufacturing Management Minor
Electronics Technology
Automation Technology Minor
Automotive Technology
Engineering Technology
Technology (2+2 programs) 2+2 Major
Transportation Management Technology 2+2 Emphasis
Caterpillar ThinkBIGGER 2+2 Emphasis
Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technology 2+2 Emphasis
Collision Repair and Insurance Management Technology 2+2 Emphasis
Automotive/Power Mechanics Technology 2+2 Emphasis
Electronics Engineering Technology Major
Power Systems Emphasis
Computer and Embedded Systems Emphasis
Automation Electronics Engineering Technology Emphasis
Manufacturing Engineering Technology Major
Manufacturing Mechanical Engineering Technology Major
Manufacturing Emphasis
Design Mechanical Engineering Technology Emphasis
Automotive Mechanical Engineering Technology Emphasis
Automation Mechanical Engineering Technology Emphasis
Plastics Engineering Technology Major
Manufacturing Management in the Transportation Industry Emphasis
Dealership and Corporate Transportation Management Emphasis
Collision Repair and Insurance Management Emphasis
Automotive Technical Emphasis
Automotive Mechanical Design Emphasis
Advanced Vehicle Systems Emphasis
Electrical Technology
Safety, Health and Environmental Management Minor
Interior Design
Construction Technology Minor
Construction Technology for Interior Design Minor
Construction Management
Environmental and Safety Management Major
Human Resource Management Emphasis
General Industry Safety Management Emphasis
Fire Safety Emphasis
Environmental Management Emphasis
Construction, Safety Management Emphasis
Construction Engineering Technology Major
Technology (School of Construction) 2+2 Major
Environment and Safety 2+2 Emphasis
Construction 2+2 Emphasis
Safety Management Emphasis
Residential Construction Emphasis
Field Management Emphasis
Company Management Emphasis
Civil Construction Emphasis
Building Information Modeling (BIM) Emphasis
Social Work Graduate Foundation Online Graduate Certificate
Social Work Major
History Education Emphasis
Geographical and Political Sciences Major
International Studies Emphasis
Political Science Emphasis
Pre-Law Option
Geography Emphasis
Criminal Justice Major
Sociology Emphasis
French/Spanish Online Certificate
Professional Writing
Spanish Minor
French Minor
English Teaching Minor
Creative Writing
Communication Education
Literature Master's Emphasis
Modern Languages Major
Spanish Teaching Certification Emphasis
Spanish Language and Culture Emphasis
French Teaching Certification Emphasis
French Language and Culture Emphasis
Literature and Culture Emphasis
Language and Teaching Emphasis
English Education Emphasis
Theatre Emphasis
Strategic Communication Emphasis
Multimedia Journalism Emphasis
Media Production Emphasis
Human Communication Emphasis
Illustration and Visual Storytelling Emphasis
Art Education Emphasis
3D Studio Art Emphasis
2D Studio Art Emphasis
Nurse Educator Online Graduate Certificate
Doctor of Nursing Practice Doctoral Degree
Organizational Leadership Online Master's Emphasis
Nursing Education Master's Emphasis
BSN Nursing Emphasis
RN to BSN Online Emphasis
Mathematics - Teaching, Grades 5-8
Natural History Minor
General Science Minor
Cell Biology Minor
Materials Science Master's Degree
Computer Science Major
Solid State Physics Emphasis
Physics Professional Emphasis
Polymer Physics Emphasis
Physics Education Emphasis
Astrophysics Emphasis
Mathematics - Teaching, Grades 6-12 Emphasis
Actuarial Science Emphasis
Polymer Chemistry
for Professional School Emphasis
for Medical School Emphasis
Pharmaceutical Chemistry Emphasis
Environmental Chemistry Emphasis
Biochemistry Emphasis
Chemistry Education Emphasis
Pre Physician Assistant Emphasis
Pre Physical Therapy Emphasis
Pre Medicine / Pre Dental Emphasis
Biology Education Emphasis
Cellular and Molecular Biology Emphasis
Ecology and Field Biology Emphasis
Medical Laboratory Sciences Emphasis
Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Emphasis
Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Emphasis
Botany Emphasis
Career and Technical Education Administrator Graduate Certificate
Digital Media
Web/Interactive Media Minor
Technology Education (Non-Teaching) Minor
Technological Literacy Minor
Print Media Minor
Photography and Videography
Packaging Graphics Minor
Industrial Management and Supervision Minor
Graphic Design
Architectural Manufacturing Minor
Learning and Development Online Master's Emphasis
Leadership and Organization Development Online Master's Emphasis
Career and Technical Education
Technology and Engineering Education
Technical Teacher Education
Family and Consumer Science Master's Emphasis
Technology Management Master's Emphasis Master's Emphasis
STEM College Teaching Master's Emphasis
Information Technology Master's Emphasis
Human Resources Master's Emphasis
Graphics Management Master's Emphasis
Graphics Design Master's Emphasis
Architectural Manufacturing Management and Technology
Wood Teacher Training Emphasis
Wood Product Manufacturing Emphasis
Workforce Development Online Major
Human Resource Emphasis
Supervision and Leadership Emphasis
Technology Management 2+2 Emphasis
Digital and Print Media 2+2 Emphasis
Wood Technology Associate's Degree
Graphic Communications Major
UI/UX and Web Design Emphasis
Print Media and Packaging Design Emphasis
Technology Integration Online Graduate Certificate
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Online Graduate Certificate
School Library Online Graduate Certificate
Reading Specialist Licensure
District Leadership Online Graduate Certificate
Building Principal Online Graduate Certificate
Autism Spectrum Disorders Online Graduate Certificate
Technological Literacy (STEM Concepts) Certificate
Youth and Adolescence Minor
Nutrition and Wellness
Urban and Suburban Experience (Non Licensure) Minor
Technological Literacy (STEM Concepts) (Non-Licensure) Minor
Special Education for Students Majoring in Family and Consumer Sciences, Child Development Emphasis (Non-Licensure) Minor
Leadership Studies Minor
International Teaching (Non Licensure) Minor
Inclusive Education Minor
Human Ecology Minor
Family and Consumer Sciences
Child Development
Teaching Online Master's Degree
Environmental Education Online Master's Emphasis
English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Online Master's Emphasis
Secondary Online Master's Emphasis
Elementary Online Master's Emphasis
Special Education Teaching Online Master's Degree
Reading Online Emphasis
Educational Technology Online Master's Degree
Technology Integration Specialist Online Master's Emphasis
School Library Media Licensure Online Master's Emphasis
Educational Leadership Online Master's Degree
Education Online Master's Degree
School Health Online Master's Emphasis
Teaching (Special Education) Online Master's Degree
Teaching (Secondary) Online Master's Degree
Teaching (Special Education High-Incidence K-6) Online Master's Degree
Elementary Education Unified (K-6) Major
Elementary Education (K-6) Major
Early Childhood Education Unified (ECU) Birth through Kindergarten Major
Family and Consumer Sciences Education Emphasis
Community and Family Services Emphasis
Advanced Studies in Leadership Online Education Specialist Degree
Special Education Online Education Specialist Degree Emphasis
General School Administration Online Education Specialist Degree Emphasis
Teaching (Elementary Education K-6) Online Master's Degree