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Electronics Engineering Technology Major

Hands-on electronic engineering program covers system operation, maintenance, computer programming, digital electronics, communications, microcontrollers, and circuit design.

Do you have a passion for robotics, programming, or electronics? Our Electronics Engineering Technology program blends electrical and electronics engineering principles with practical applications.

Diverse Coursework

Dive into courses like Electronic Devices, Circuit Analysis, Microcomputer Systems, Electric Power, Signals and Systems, and more.


Electronics Engineering Technology vs. Electrical Engineering

While Electronics Engineering Technology programs emphasize practical, hands-on learning, Electrical Engineering degrees tend to focus more on theoretical and mathematical concepts. Explore the program that aligns with your career goals.

Electronics Engineering Technology Careers

Rewarding Careers

Our graduates embark on careers as Design Engineers, R&D Engineers, Project Managers, and more, spanning industries like telecommunications, consumer electronics, and aerospace. With a job placement rate of nearly 100%, our graduates typically start with salaries ranging from $60,000 to $70,000 annually.

Emphases available

Electronics Engineering Technology in Power Systems: Harness the power of electronics for a sustainable future. Explore advanced energy solutions and grid technologies.

Electronics Engineering Technology in Computer and Embedded Systems: Shape the future of technology with hands-on expertise in computer and embedded systems design and development.

Electronics Engineering Technology in Automation: Master the fusion of electronics and automation systems. Design, build, and innovate for the tech-driven future.

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