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Pitt State Housing & Residence Life

Experience the buzz of campus life right at your doorstep! Choose on-campus living for a short walk to classes, recreational spots, and campus events. We also offer family housing, or you can live in the heart of downtown Pittsburg.

Your Home Away from Home

Experience the vibrant campus life firsthand by applying for our diverse residential housing options.

We offer traditional halls fostering a lively student community, modern apartments, and family-friendly spaces. Find the perfect fit for your lifestyle through an on-campus housing tour.

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Important Dates

May 1

New Students/Freshman room selection

May 1

Summer 2024 Housing Application Opens

May 11

Residence dorms close at 10am

May 11 - June 2

Housing Spring Interim

June 1

The Orchards (Crimson Village) Contract Begins

June 3 - June 30

Housing Summer Session I

July 15

Notification of official room assignment via e-mail

August 15

Bowen, Crimson Commons, Tanner, Tanner Annex, Trout dorm move in

8:00 am - 1:00 pm assisted move in

1:00 pm - 10 pm check in at dorm

August 16

Dellinger, Nation, Willard dorm move in,

8:00 am - 1:00 pm assisted move in

1:00 pm - 10 pm check in at dorm

August 17 - 18

10:00 am - 10:00 pm check in at dorms

Housing Options

Traditional Halls

Single and double-occupancy rooms at Pitt State offer a community living experience with shared facilities and proximity to campus amenities, fostering a vibrant student community.



Bowen Hall
  • Traditional-style housing for 102 residents at 1507 S. Joplin
  • Co-ed by floor
  • Bowen provides desk service, central lobby, study lounge, kitchen area and recreation room
  • Single and double occupancy rooms available
  • Located in the north-campus complex, near Axe Library


Dellinger Hall
  • Traditional-style housing for 198 residents at 1807 S. Locust
  • Co-ed by floor
  • Dellinger provides desk service, lounge, kitchen area, and study area
  • Single and double occupancy rooms available
  • Located in the south campus complex near Gibson Dining Hall
Nation Hall
  • Traditional-style housing for 350 residents at 1808 S. Elm
  • Co-ed by floor
  • Nation provides desk service, central lobby, study lounge, and kitchen area
  • Single and double occupancy rooms available
  • ADA-compliant rooms available
  • Located in the south campus complex near Gibson Dining Hall
Tanner Complex
  • Traditional-style housing for 262 residents at 1503 S. Joplin
  • Co-ed by floor
  • Comprised of Tanner Hall & Tanner Annex
  • Tanner provides desk service, large lounge and lobby area, study space, recreation room and kitchen
  • Single and double occupancy rooms available
  • Located in the north campus complex near Axe Library
Trout Hall
  • Traditional-style housing for 102 residents at 1505 S. Joplin
  • Co-ed by floor
  • Trout provides desk service, central lobby, study lounge, kitchen area, and recreation rooms
  • Single and double occupancy rooms available
  • Located in the north campus complex near Axe Library

Suite-Style Living

A blend of privacy and community, featuring shared living spaces while allowing individual rooms for a balance of personal space and social interaction. Provide in-unit restroom and Crimson Commons include a kitchenette space.
Crimson Commons
  • Apartments for 205 residents at 1315 S Joplin St
  • Co-ed by apartment
  • Each unit includes four private bedrooms, a common living area, and an in unit restroom
  • Each unit has a kitchenette furnished with a refrigerator, microwave, and sink
  • Desk service, building lounge & study area, TV and kitchen area
  • ADA-compliant rooms available
  • Gender Inclusive Housing
  • Academic Residential Communities (ARC's) and Residential Communities (RC)
  • Located in the north campus complex near the Axe Library
Willard Hall
  • Suite-style housing at 203 E. Lindberg
  • Single and double occupancy rooms
  • Individual bathroom facilities or bathrooms shared between two rooms
  • Desk service, study, entertainment, and lobby areas
  • ADA-compliant rooms available
  • Located in south complex of campus near Gibson Dining Hall

Apartment Living

Suite, flat, studio, and loft apartments in downtown Pittsburg provide modern and independent living options, ideal for students seeking a more private and self-sufficient lifestyle close to the heart of the city. Family housing caters to the needs of students with families, providing a supportive and family-friendly environment within the campus vicinity fostering a sense of community for student-parents.
Block22 PSU Apartments
  • 97 apartments of 4 Styles: Suite, Flat, Studio, Loft
  • Located at 4th and Broadway Street in downtown Pittsburg (20 min. walk to campus)
  • Upperclassmen students only
  • Fully furnished including full-sized beds
  • Kitchens that include most appliances like range or cook-top with convection microwave, dishwasher and garbage disposal
  • Washer/dryer combo in every unit with all utilities are included
  • Access to an outside patio, lounges, and study spaces
Crimson Village
The Orchards (Crimson Village)
  • Family housing located on East Ford Street just across from the Kansas Technology Center
  • Available to all married, full-time students and single parents raising children
  • Two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartment options
  • Range, refrigerator, washer and dryer appliances provided
  • Cable and Internet are provided
  • Two parking spaces for each apartment
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Residential Communities

Pitt State is looking to offer specialized housing options, designed to support students with similar academic goals who can live and learn together.  Stayed tuned for more information.  Click here for more information.

Gender Inclusive Housing

Individuals who prefer to live with multiple genders or who identify with the LGBTQIA spectrum live together in the same residential space. Residents can request features like private bathrooms, coed rooms, or single rooms, providing a safe and affirming living space.

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Housing Layouts

Take a peek at the layout of our housing apartments and residence halls to figure out what to bring and familiarize yourself with your new digs before making the move to Pitt State.

Room/Apartment Layouts

Amenities and Facilities

Traditional and suite-style housing as well as Block 22 apartments are fully furnished. On-site laundry facilities are FREE! All housing has reliable Internet and security measures. Enjoy ping pong, pool tables, and streaming shows on TVs in common areas. On-campus housing offers regular cleaning services to shared spaces like lounges and bathrooms. Orange parking passes are provided to all on-campus residents.

Housing Rates and Pricing

Our primary payment option for housing and tuition allows you to make a single semester payment pronto or opt for our popular installment plan. With this plan, you can conveniently pay in four installments during the fall and spring semesters, totaling eight payments.

Apply for a fee of $145 ($45 is for the application fee and $100 goes toward the prepayment of your housing).

Traditional Style, Crimson Commons, Willard Hall

Housing + Meal Plan 2024-2025 Pricing
Housing + 7 Day Dining Access $10,234
Housing + 14 Swipes per Week and $150 Dining Dollars $9,980
Housing + 10 Swipes per Week and $300 Dining Dollars $9,980
Housing + $1,000 Dining Dollars $8,710

The rates listed are for one academic year (mid-August to mid-May) or two semesters. These rates are for single occupancy rooms.

A double room discount of $1000 per academic year. Doubles will be limited and singles are the default.

First-year students are not eligible for the Traditional + $1,000 Dining Dollars option.

Block22 (Downtown Apartments)

Apartment Style Pricing Per Month 2024-2025
Flat $680
Loft $680
Studio $625-650
Suite $705-730
Two-Bedroom $625

Block22 contracts are 12 months long from August 4 to July 26. They are not affected by changes in the academic calendar. 

All apartments are single-unit apartments, with two exceptions:

  1. There are two 2-bedroom units.
  2. Some select units may be available for qualified married students for an additional $215 (AY24-25) per month per second occupant. 

Summer Interim

*Spring Interim Full Summer Session Only **Summer Interim
$350 $900 $450/session $350


All Housing for Summer 2024 and Interims will be single bedroom in Crimson Commons 4 bedroom apartments and charged at the above rates.

No meal plans are available for interim and summer housing. 

* A student not enrolled in Intercession 2024 must have fulfilled a Housing and Dining Service Contract for Spring 2024, be enrolled for Summer Session I and have a Housing Contract for Summer Session I in order to be eligible for Spring 2024 Interim Housing. 

** A student must have fulfilled a Housing Contract for Summer Session II, be enrolled for Fall 2024 semester and have a Housing and Dining Service Contract for Academic Year 2024-2025 in order to be eligible for Summer 2024 Interim Housing. 

Spring Interim (May 11, 2024 through June 2, 2024)  

Summer School Session I (June 3, 2024 through June 30, 2024)  

Summer School Session II (July 1, 2024 through July 26, 2024)  

Summer Interim (July 27, 2024 through August 16, 2024)

The Orchards (Crimson Village) Family Housing

Apartment Style Pricing Per Month 2024-2025
Two-bedroom $800
Three-bedroom $900

The two-bedroom apartments cannot accommodate families with more than four members

Three-bedroom apartments cannot accommodate families with more than six members with a maximum of two adults.

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Pitt State Housing Instagram

Our IG showcases Pitt State housing facilities. Through virtual tours, event highlights, and resident stories we provide helpful information for potential and current residents. Get tips on college living!

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Residence Hall Assembly (RHA)

RHA organizes awesome social events, including prize raffles, craft nights, and trivia to keep students in Pitt State housing entertained. Additionally, they represent students' voices and work on improving student housing based on their feedback.

We're Here for You!

Pitt State prioritizes accessible resources for its students. We value convenience when it comes to the essentials.   

AY24-25 Block22 Contract

AY24-25 On-Campus Housing Contract

2024 Summer Housing Contract

Become a Resident Assistant >

Campus Map >

Guide to Residential Living

Meal Plans >

Move-In Day >

PSU Residency Policy

Parking Pass >

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Housing Accommodations

We offer ADA-compliant housing in Crimson Commons and Willard. These residences are designed to ensure accessibility for all, featuring amenities such as elevators, spacious layouts, and strategic proximity to classes.

For those seeking the comforting companionship of an emotional support animal, we accommodate them within our housing facilities, with approval from Student Disability Services.

Your comfort and accessibility matter to us, and we're here to ensure your living experience is exceptional.

Student Disability Services

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Meet the Staff

Feel free to reach out to Housing & Residence Life with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your residential living experience.

(620) 235-4245 or

Contact Us


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