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Study Communication Education

Major in Communication with an Emphasis in Communication Education

Teach communication skills to students at the middle and high school levels.

At Pitt State, learn how to design effective lesson plans, assess student progress, and create a positive learning environment. Our students complete supervised practicums in local schools and culminate their studies with a student teaching placement.

The core of the major focuses on communication studies, including public speaking, interpersonal communication, and group dynamics.

Topics unique to the Communication Education emphasis track include:

  • Acting
  • Stagecraft
  • Oral Interpretation of Literature
  • Theatre History
  • Techniques for Teaching Speech and Theatre 
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Stage Direction

Communication Education jobs

Graduates are eligible for licensure in the state of Kansas, teaching the following subjects:

  • Speech Communication: Enhance students' oral communication skills by coaching effective public speaking, persuasion, and interpersonal communication techniques.

  • Mass Media: Analyze the impact of media on society and guide students in creating multimedia content, from journalism to digital storytelling.

  • Theatre: Inspire creativity and confidence through acting, directing, and stagecraft, allowing students to explore the world of dramatic arts.

  • Debate: Foster critical thinking and argumentative skills by coaching students in structured debates on diverse topics.

  • Forensics: Develop students' proficiency in speech and interpretation, preparing them for competitive public speaking and performance events.

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