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Communication Master's Degree

Shape Your Story, Master the Art of Communication

The Department of Communication provides a Master of Arts Degree in Communication, allowing students to tailor their program based on their career objectives. This degree equips students with essential skills in problem-solving, analysis, research methods, and scholarly writing.

Subjects include but are not limited to:

  • Human communication theory
  • Research methods
  • Media studies
  • Performance studies

Master's Curriculum Options

We offer three distinct Master's options to cater to our students' diverse aspirations and goals.

  • Option I Thesis: An in-depth and original research project conducted during the course of the student’s graduate studies. Students generally conduct this research over the course of one or two semesters under the guidance of a faculty advisor. A thesis must be successfully defended before a faculty committee.
  • Option II Applied Research: The student will complete research related to a specific problem or will complete a specific advanced project. This option includes creative and aesthetic efforts such as performances, exhibits, or creative writing. The applied research option requires a minimum of 32 hours of coursework with no fewer than 15 semester hours in courses numbered 800-899 and at least 26 hours in courses numbered 700-899. Enrollment in 3 to 6 hours of Research Problem, Methods of Research, or Research Seminar coursework is required. A final presentation of the work must be given to a committee.
  • Option III Coursework: A paper from one of the two research seminars is revised and presented to a colloquium of graduate students and a committee consisting of three faculty members from the Communication Department.

Communication Graduate Manual: Student Requirements, Candidacy, Option Info

Assistantships in Communication

Qualified individuals can be considered for assistantships, which offer a tuition waiver and a stipend for graduate teaching responsibilities. Assistantship positions aid in the following topics:

  • Speech Communication
  • Strategic Communication
  • Multimedia Production
  • Media Production
  • Theatre

Communication Graduate Assistantship Application

Jump Start Program

With the Jump Start program, Communication majors, minors, and undergraduates enrolled in participating Integrated Studies degree programs can earn credits during their senior year, completing 9 hours of graduate work before their undergraduate graduation. This reduces tuition costs for nearly 30% of the graduate school journey.

You must earn a “B” or higher in your designated “Jump Start” courses. Approved courses include:

  • COMM 702 Mass Media Management
  • COMM 717 Research Procedures
  • COMM 721 Philosophy and Ethics in Mass Communication
  • COMM 724 Editorial Writing
  • COMM 726 Media Analysis and Criticism
  • COMM 755 Organizational Communication
  • COMM 785 International Communication
  • COMM 795 Issues in Communication
  • COMM 815 Introduction to Graduate Studies

Jump Start Application for Communication Undergraduates


degree options including thesis, research problem, or coursework.


Jumpstart program for eligible undergrads to earn Master's credit senior year.


 hours of 800-level courses to complete degree


assistantship categories to choose from

Communication Careers

The Master of Arts degree in Communication is carefully crafted to equip graduate students with the necessary skills and knowledge for successful pursuits in both professional and academic careers. Professional career opportunities may include: 

  • Community college teaching
  • College and high school administrators
  • Journalists
  • Public relations consultants
  • Television production directors
  • Business managers

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