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Graduate Certificate

The Certificate in Graduate Mathematics is an 18 hour non-degree and non-licensure program designed to certify that participants have a knowledge base in graduate mathematics. All of the courses may be applied to a Master's Degree in Mathematics. Undergraduate students may begin the Certificate program in their final semester with approval from their advisor and mathematics department chair. In order to meet the expectation for college-level teaching an individual must also hold a master's degree or higher in some area of study.

Admission Requirements:

  • The candidate must hold a Bachelor's degree in mathematics, mathematics education or the equivalent, or be in their final semester of a Pittsburg State University undergraduate mathematics program.
  • Undergraduate degree; 3.0 GPA or admitted with condition.

Procedural Steps for Certificate:

  1. Apply through the Graduate and Continuing Studies Office for the Certificate in Graduate Mathematics.
  2. Submit an official transcript.
  3. The student must petition for completion of the Certificate program during their last semester.

Students may enter the program in any semester.

Program completion

Multiple classes are offered each semester so that the certificate can be earned in one calendar year.

Additional information
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