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Study Diesel and Heavy Equipment

Major in Automotive Technology with an Emphasis in Diesel and Heavy Equipment

This program provides students the opportunity to dive into three areas of diesel technology including:

  • agricultural equipment
  • construction equipment
  • on-highway truck systems

An emphasis area within our 4-year Automotive Technology program prepares students for a successful career in the automotive and diesel & heavy equipment manufacturing industry.

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Pittsburg State develops leaders in the field of Automotive and Diesel Technology.

Our graduates gain more than just the technical skills needed to gain employment in this fast-changing industry; they gain the leadership skills necessary to succeed at the highest corporate levels.

Nearly 100% of our graduates either found jobs or were accepted into a graduate program according to the latest Employment Data Report. 

Diesel and Heavy Equipment graduates accept careers as:

  • heavy equipment administrators
  • hotline troubleshooter
  • company field representatives
  • service training instructors
  • field testing, technicians
  • instructional developers

Manufacturers of vehicles are interested in individuals who have an understanding of automotive and diesel systems, mechanical design, engineering materials, processing technologies, and the quality measures associated with manufacturing quality products. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Standards, the annual median pay for automotive Industrial manufacturing managers is $93,940.

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