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Elementary Education Unified Major

Provide children with the building blocks to succeed. Through the Elementary Education Unified major, make a difference in young lives through exciting lesson plans and engaging teaching techniques!

What does Unified mean in Elementary Education Unified (EEU)?

Unlike our Elementary Education major, students gain proficiency in teaching both general education and special education, grades K-6. More than 50 percent of our students choose the Unified path. This path requires two additional special education courses in your academic plan.

Why is the Unified path unique?

Implement inclusive practices, instruct students with diverse learning needs, and conduct individual assessments of developmental milestones/academic achievement.

Why is Special Education training important?

Many parents of students with special needs do not know their children require accommodations until they begin school. It's not until they are with other children their age, in a similar setting, that the challenges start to appear. Elementary teachers are often the first people to recognize such differences. Become a master of detecting and accommodating special needs through the EEU program.

Are you currently a paraeducator? Or, do you have college course credit in teacher education?

You may be eligible for our Para 2 Teach program. Earn your Elementary Education Unified degree online while balancing the demands of life.

Pittsburg State University students earns special education degree as sped teacher
Teach Unified

Foster inclusive settings to meet the learning needs of all children K-6, including those with special needs.

Pittsburg State University student receives bachelors degree in elementary special education
Be in the Classroom

By sophomore year, shadow teachers in local schools, experiencing their teaching strategies and classroom management techniques.

Pittsburg State University student receives bachelors degree in primary education
Workforce Ready

The elementary education unified program meets the educational requirements for licensure in the state of Kansas.


hours assisting in the elementary school classroom


new teaching jobs are created in Kansas annually


fastest-growing career in Kansas is elementary school teacher


average teaching salary in Kansas

“I was lucky enough to have field placement from kindergarten to fifth grade. I love that I get hands-on learning activities. I get to practice what I’m being taught in the classroom."

Mariah Bush, Elementary Education

Elementary Education Unified (K-6) Careers

Elementary Education Unified graduates are in high demand. With training in general and special education, you will enter the workforce with many career options. In Kansas, you can teach in the public or private school sector. Or, teach at a specialized school like a Charter school, Special Education Corporative, or School for the Blind.  

Pitt State hosts Teacher Interview Day annually. The event is designed to give you the opportunity to network and interview representatives from 100 school districts from around the region. Many students receive job offers at this event.

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