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Campus Activities

Unforgettable activities and events! Discover new passions, forge lasting friendships, and make the most of your Pitt State experience.

Gorilla Engage

Your Hub for 150+ Student Clubs and Campus Organizations. Explore our event-packed calendar tailored for student engagement. Register, join clubs, and receive timely notifications about upcoming events directly to your school email.

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Immerse yourself in Pitt State campus life with our diverse range of activities and clubs. Students keep up to date by following Campus Activities on social!

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SGA plays a pivotal role in advocating for the student body and allocating funds to clubs. They plan community service events to initiate positive change in Pittsburg, KS.

GAB serves as the driving force behind a captivating array of events designed to entertain Pitt State students. Trivia nights, moon bounces, and crafting stations are all on this year's activity calendar.
Join PSU's vibrant Greek life for lasting friendships and strong community bonds. Our fraternities and sororities embody loyalty, high standards, and academic excellence.

Recognition for Student and Club Excellence

Our students are recognized for their achievements at Pitt State. The PSU Leadership Awards Ceremony celebrates the exceptional contributions of student organizations. The Golden Gorilla Award honors upperclassmen for outstanding community service, academic excellence, and campus engagement.

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Annual Activities and Events

Campus Activities Staff

Eva Sager and her small but mighty team are responsible for many well-known campus events.

"I get up every day and am excited to be here because of the interactions I get to have with students. A lot of that has to do with relationship building with them one on one," said Eva.

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