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Construction Technology Minor

construction technology psu 960w

From Graphics to Groundbreaking: Elevate Your Skills in Construction Technology

With a focus on skills development in areas such as graphics, light frame construction, mechanical and electrical systems, and civil construction, students are equipped to navigate the evolving landscape of the construction field.

Students engage in hands-on learning experiences both within the classroom setting and simulated work sites. 

Class Topics in Construction Technology Minor:

  • Construction Graphics: Acquire essential skills for interpreting and creating construction drawings.
  • The Construction Industry: Gain insights into various facets and dynamics of the construction industry.
  • Methods of Construction-Light Frame and Finishes: Explore techniques and materials used in light frame construction and finishing processes.
  • Methods of Construction-Sitework and Steel: Study methods involving site work and steel in construction projects.
  • Methods of Construction-Concrete and Masonry: Explore construction methods related to concrete and masonry applications.
  • Civil Construction: Dive into the principles and practices of civil construction projects.

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