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Undergraduate Certificate

If you have a passion for dance and want to enhance your technique, artistry, and creativity, then the Dance Certificate is the perfect program for you. This certificate works for individuals who are not pursuing a bachelor's degree or minor but still have a keen interest in dance. The program offers a range of activity-based classes that provide hands-on learning opportunities to help students develop their skills. From ballet to modern dance, the Dance Certificate will help students gain valuable experience and knowledge to achieve their goals in the world of dance.

Dance Certificate

Dance Certificate Graduates will have the knowledge and ability to work in the following positions and fields:

  • Community and commercial dance program instructors
  • Dance facilitators and directors
  • Dance sponsors and coaches in school settings
  • Theatre
  • Dance studio operators
  • Competitive studio dancing
  • Performance
  • Competitions and camps
  • Choreography and costumes

Dance Opportunities at Pittsburg State University

There are opportunities to gain further dance experience while taking classes:

  • PSU Dance Club
  • Dance Appreciation Class
  • PSU Swing Dance
  • Various dance studios in the Pittsburg community
  • Performing in the Bicknell Family Center for the Arts
  • Classes available to enhance skills students may have in ballet, tap, and jazz

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