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Study Mathematics - Teaching, Grades 5-8

Major in Mathematics with an Emphasis in Mathematics - Teaching, Grades 5-8

Inspire young minds in the critical subject of mathematics during their formative years.

This specialized program focuses on developing teaching strategies that engage and support students aged 10 to 14, fostering a deep understanding of mathematical concepts.

Graduates of this degree program are prepared to create dynamic lesson plans for a middle school setting. Leverage technology to enhance learning experiences and implement inclusive teaching methods to address diverse learning needs.

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Class topics for a Mathematics degree in Teaching, Grades 5-8.

Cover a wide range of subjects related to both mathematics content and teaching methods. Some of the core class topics may include:

  • Mathematics Content: Gain skills in number theory, algebra, geometry, probability, and more!
  • Teaching Methods: Learn classroom management techniques, curriculum design, and evaluation methods.
  • Practicum and Classroom Experience: Observe and assist in actual middle school classrooms.

Career options for graduates with a Mathematics degree in Teaching, Grades 5-8.

Graduates are eligible for teaching licensure in the state of Kansas. Some potential career paths include:

  • Middle School Mathematics Teacher: Create engaging lesson plans and foster a positive learning environment.
  • Math Curriculum Specialist: Develop mathematics curriculum and educational resources for middle school classrooms.
  • Personal Math Tutor: Assist students in reaching goals of understanding mathematical concepts.
  • Math Education Researcher: Conduct research studies on effective mathematics teaching methods.

Internship and research opportunities in Mathematics degree.

Our students participate in internships at middle schools where they can observe experienced teachers and assist in classroom activities. These internships offer practical insights into effective classroom management, curriculum implementation, and individualized instruction techniques.

The Pitt State math program encourages students to engage in research projects related to education. Through research, students can explore innovative teaching methodologies, assess the effectiveness of different instructional approaches, and address specific challenges faced in the middle school mathematics classroom.

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