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Psychology Major

Discover the science behind human behavior, cognition, and mental processes. Through our Psychology program, explore the theories and research methods to understand individual/group dynamics.


Collaborative Faculty

With diverse research backgrounds and a passion for teaching, our faculty mentor students, provide guidance, and collaborate on research projects. 

Co-author research papers with your professors. Collect data and explore the subjects of dyslexia, ADHD and medication, visual processing, sexual assault, and human trafficking. 

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science

A BA in Psychology places a greater emphasis on the social sciences and communication. It's suitable for students considering careers in counseling, social work, or other fields that require strong interpersonal skills. The curriculum is designed for students who plan to continue to graduate or professional school.

A BS in Psychology has a stronger scientific and research focus. The BS program has four emphasis track options in legal issues, developmental disabilities, military, and human resources. The program is designed so students can pursue a career immediately after graduation. 

Study Abroad

Explore the origins of psychology on faculty-led field trips abroad. Travel to Austria and Germany and discover its historical significance in the field of the social sciences.

psychology students at Pittsburg State working outside
Real Data to Draw Conclusions

Work with your classroom to collect surveys and build out a research paper.  

Professor and college student reviewing psychology coursework on laptop
Guest Speakers

Counselors, academic researchers, and forensic psychologists visit the classroom to spark discussions and provide networking opportunities.

social science symposium for psychology students at Pittsburg State University
Social Psychology Symposium

Conduct a social psychological analysis of an event and present your findings to classmates and community.


Center for READing to diagnose dyslexia in children


professors with unique psychology specializations

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Universities in the U.S. to offer a Psychology and the Military emphasis


Psychology course options offered to undergrads

"I'm a part of Psychology and Counseling Society. Some of the past meetings have been about dreams, cults, and coping skills. It's so fun!"

Kaitlynn Franks, Psychology, Developmental Disabilities emphasis

Psychology Careers

A degree in psychology opens up a wide range of career paths. Our program prepares students for careers in various fields, including:

  • Clinical psychology
  • Counseling
  • Research
  • Human resources
  • Education

Our faculty offers guidance and resources to help students explore graduate programs, internships, and other opportunities that align with your career goals.

Emphases available

Understand the unique mental health challenges faced by military personnel and their families. Gain knowledge in areas such as traumatic stress, resilience, and transition. Prepare for a career in military psychology, social work, or related fields.

Explore the intersection of psychology and the legal system. Gain knowledge of forensic psychology, criminal and civil law, and advocacy for victims. Prepare for a career in law enforcement, victim advocacy, or related fields.

Learn to manage and develop human capital in organizations. Gain expertise in training and development, compensation and benefits, employee relations, and strategic planning. Prepare for a career in human resources, organizational development, or related fields.

Become an expert in understanding, treating, and advocating for individuals with developmental disabilities. Gain hands-on experience and prepare for a career in developmental psychology, social work, or related fields.

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