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Art Minor

Ceramics Student 480w

Gain a deeper understanding of art's cultural and historical significance.

The Art Minor provides students with a comprehensive exploration of artistic expression across various mediums and techniques.

Through a combination of hands-on studio courses, art history studies, and critical analysis, students develop both technical proficiency and conceptual understanding, fostering creativity and visual literacy.

Unique class topics in the Art minor:

  • Visual Thinking: 2D Processes: Explore fundamental concepts of visual composition and design through hands-on projects, experimenting with various 2D techniques and materials to develop artistic skills and creative expression.
  • Visual Thinking: 3D Processes: Engage in the exploration of three-dimensional art forms, utilizing sculptural techniques and methods to conceptualize and realize dynamic spatial compositions.
  • Drawing I: Develop foundational drawing skills and techniques, including line, form, perspective, and composition, through structured exercises and observational drawing sessions, cultivating proficiency and expression in visual representation.
  • Introduction to Art History I: Examine key artistic movements and masterpieces from from Paleolithic times through the late twelfth century, analyzing historical and cultural contexts, artistic techniques, and aesthetic principles that have shaped the trajectory of art.
  • Contemporary Issues in Art: Investigate iinternational art from 1960 to the present, debates, and critical discourses in contemporary art practice and theory, exploring the intersection of art, society, politics, and culture in the modern world.

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