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Nursing Education

Doctoral Degree in Advanced Practice Nursing with an Emphasis in Nursing Education
advanced practice nursing education 480w

Earn your Doctorate in Advanced Practice Nursing with an Education Emphasis to excel in the field of nursing education.

This emphasis focuses on instructional design, leadership, curriculum development, and the implementation of effective teaching strategies.

The program aims to prepare graduates for roles as Nurse Educators who can contribute to the advancement of nursing education and positively impact the next generation of healthcare professionals. 

DNP Advanced Practice Student Handbook

Course topics unique to the Education emphasis in the Advanced Practice Nursing Doctorate

  • Testing and Evaluation: Methods of evaluating teaching effectiveness, student learning, and student performance are explored, with particular emphasis placed on test construction and analysis.
  • Curriculum Development: design and evaluate nursing curricula to meet the evolving needs of healthcare education.
  • Teaching Strategies: design and evaluate nursing curricula to meet the evolving needs of healthcare education.


Education practicum for Advanced Practice Nursing doctoral degree

This practicum offers students the opportunity to apply their education knowledge in a hands-on setting.

Students work under the supervision of experienced educators to enhance their teaching skills and gain practical insights into the role of a Nurse Educator. The number of hours may vary based on program requirements.


Contact the School of Nursing at (620)235-4431 or send a message to Dr. Jennifer Harris, Interim DNP Nursing Coordinator.

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