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Study Print Media and Packaging Design

Major in Graphic Communications with an Emphasis in Print Media and Packaging Design
Train in modern printing facilities with state-of-the-art printing presses and digital printing equipment.
Crafting Print Perfection

Witness our students in action as they produce captivating print materials and create custom-printed shirts, blending creativity and precision.

Student Satisfaction

Our students' smiles say it all—find joy and fulfillment in the world of print media and packaging design.

Excellence in Final Product

From meticulous inspections to in-depth research, our students ensure that the final product shines with innovative design and quality.

Classroom topics in the Print Media and Packaging Design program

  • Specialty Graphics: Explore the creation of unique and customized graphic designs for screen printing, wide-format printing, pad printing, and more.
  • Retail Packaging: Design and develop packaging solutions tailored for products in the retail industry.
  • Publication Design: Learn to craft visually appealing layouts and designs for various printed publications.
  • Environmental Graphics: Create immersive and visually impactful designs for physical spaces and environments.
  • Project Profitability: Gain strategies and tools to enhance the financial success of design projects.
  • Commercial Packaging: Develop packaging designs specifically tailored for commercial and industrial products.

Graphic Design courses cover web graphics, packaging technology, photography, print preparation, printing technologies, portfolio management, color reproduction, and more.

Print Media and Packaging Design graduates pursue careers as:

  • Printing Press Supervisor: Oversee and manage the operation of printing presses to ensure efficient production and quality output.
  • Package Structural Designer: Create the structural design and physical packaging of products, considering both functionality and aesthetics.
  • Quality Control Technician: Inspect and evaluate products to maintain high-quality standards and identify any defects or issues.
  • Packaging Developer: Innovate and design packaging solutions that protect, promote, and enhance products for the market.
  • Research and Development Technician: Explore new materials, processes, and technologies to improve packaging and printing methods.
  • Print Production Specialist: Coordinate and manage the production of printed materials, ensuring timely and efficient execution.
  • Packaging Graphic Designer: Create visually appealing graphics and artwork tailored to packaging materials and branding requirements.

Graduates can pursue careers with companies that design and manufacture packaging for consumer goods, food products, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and more. With the rise of custom and on-demand printing, there are opportunities for businesses that provide personalized and small-batch printing services.

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