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Study Photography and Videography

Major in Graphic Communications with an Emphasis in Photography and Videography
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Our graduates have the advantage of completing one of the most innovative and comprehensive Graphic Communications programs in the country.

The B.S.T. in Graphic Communications is a 120-credit Graphic Communications Degree that can be completed in four years of full-time study. Students are asked to declare one of the following areas of emphasis: Graphic Design, Photography and Videography, Print Media and Packaging Design, or UX/UI and Web Design.

All four areas of emphasis within the Graphic Communications program share a core curriculum, classes necessary for the field of graphic communications. In addition to these classes, each of the four distinct areas have specific emphasis and support courses, to round out the major, as well as elective graphics classes, allowing students to customize their degree.

High-Tech Real-World Experience

Immerse yourself in the world of professional photography, gaining hands-on experience with cutting-edge equipment.

Precision Photo Editing

Transform your captured moments into works of art as students meticulously edit photos to perfection.

Diverse Photography Techniques

Explore a variety of photography techniques, both in natural settings and studio environments, honing your skills for versatile creativity.

Classroom topics in the Photography and Videography program

  • 3D Graphics: Explore the creation of three-dimensional digital models and animations.
  • Audio/Video Technology: Focus on the technical aspects of audio and video production, including equipment operation and troubleshooting.
  • Product Photography: Produce high-quality images of products for marketing and advertising.
  • Portrait Photography: Capture compelling portraits, learning how to connect with your subjects to make them feel comfortable and bring out genuine expressions.
  • Audio/Video Production Design: Plan and design of audio and video productions, from concept to execution.
  • Digital Media Advertising: Create effective digital advertising campaigns across various media platforms.

Graphic Design courses cover web graphics, packaging technology, photography, print preparation, printing technologies, portfolio management, color reproduction, and more.

Photography and Videography graduates pursue careers as:

  • Photographer: Capture compelling images using various equipment and lighting techniques to convey a message or tell a story.
  • Videographer: Record and edit video footage to produce engaging visual content for a variety of purposes.
  • Cinematographer: Collaborate with directors to create visually stunning scenes and sequences in films or commercials.
  • Photojournalist: Document current events and stories through powerful photographs for news organizations.
  • Video Editor: Assemble and refine video footage into a cohesive and engaging final product, adding effects and sound as needed.
  • Studio Lighting Technician: Manage and adjust lighting setups in controlled studio environments to optimize photography and videography conditions.

Graduates work for employers like commercial advertising agencies, and design studios.

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