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Construction Management Major

Organize, lead, and manage the building process. Through the Construction Management program at Pitt State, combine knowledge of innovative technologies and construction principles to lead projects.

Emerging Construction Technologies 

Access the latest building equipment and design technology. Students in the construction management program gain skills in digital modeling, construction surveying, augmented/virtual reality, and more!

Win Awards at National Competitions 

Our Construction Management students excel in and out of the classroom. Pitted against universities from the U.S. and abroad, our students earn top rankings in national competitions

Master Design Software

Our students design construction systems from foundations to basic electrical/mechanical systems. Leverage construction-specific design software like Autocad, Primavera, and Timberline.

Improve the Community

Many course projects contribute to the economic development of downtown Pittsburg. Alumni have harnessed their degrees to restore historical landmarks and seniors have revitalized community recreation facilities.

ABET Accredited
construction management degree at Pittsburg State University for construction project manager salary
Hands-on Application

From surveying sites and testing materials, nearly every aspect of the construction industry is explored.

how to become a construction manager with construction management degree at Pittsburg State University
Learn from Leaders

With decades of experience teaching and working in the construction industry, our faculty are nationally acclaimed educators and experts in their craft.

students becomes a construction manager with construction management degree at Pittsburg State University
Real Industry Insight

Over 60 companies offer workshops and seminars for students at the Construction Expo.

Building Community Initiatives

Experience the satisfaction of seeing your efforts translate into tangible improvements. The Construction Management Program at Pitt State goes beyond the classroom, allowing students to contribute to campus development and the broader community.

fields trip offered each semester


in scholarships awarded annually


businesses recruit students at Company Days


job placement rate among surveyed graduates over several years

Construction Management Careers

School of Construction graduates are recruited by local businesses and national employers. Earn your degree and play a leadership role in engineering firms, general/specialty contractors, and government agencies. 

The Construction Management program will prepare you for positions such as: 

  • Project managers: lead and oversee construction projects, coordinating teams and resources to ensure successful completion on time and within budget.
  • Project and field engineers: apply technical expertise in planning and executing construction projects, ensuring adherence to engineering standards. 
  • Site supervisors and safety managers: enforce safety protocols, supervise construction activities, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Estimators: assess project costs by analyzing materials, labor, and other factors to provide accurate and competitive budget estimates.
  • Schedulers: develop and manage construction timelines, optimizing project efficiency by coordinating tasks and resources.
  • Cost/quality control: monitor project expenses and quality standards, implementing measures to optimize cost-effectiveness and quality assurance.
  • Materials testing: analyze construction materials to ensure they meet specifications and regulatory standards.
  • Facility managers: oversee the maintenance and operational aspects of completed construction projects, ensuring long-term functionality and efficiency.

Starting salaries for graduates typically range from $50,000 to $70,000 per year. 

The School of Construction offers networking opportunities. Find your workplace fit with the Annual Company Days (fall) and Construction Expo (spring). Hiring managers travel from as far as California to speak to our students. 

Emphases available

Assess risk and make improvements to construction procedures. Prevent accidents in the workplace. Effectively design, implement, and evaluate safety programs.

Construct, renovate, or design residential structures. From apartments to multi-family homes, the residential sector involves a variety of unique and creative projects.

Do you want to be out in the field, managing the day-to-day operations? Survey and supervise on-site projects.

Oversee and direct construction projects from conception to completion. Build a marketable business and manage client relationships.

Design and maintain core infrastructure that relate to water, ground, or transport. From massive bridges to walkways, or wastewater treatment centers to dams, the civil field encompasses some of the longest and most expensive building projects.

Build detailed designs of 3D models to effectively manage the construction process. Within this emphasis, students will master various BIM software and technologies that are being used throughout the construction industry.

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