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Study Strategic Communication

Major in Communication with an Emphasis in Strategic Communication

Gain an in-depth look at the way people, groups, and organizations communicate. 

The emphasis track involves applied research and creative asset development. Control messaging that shapes a consistent brand identity across a wide variety of channels including:

  • Television
  • Radio
  • Print and digital journalism
  • Mobile and social media platforms

To communicate strategically is to develop purposeful communication, working to achieve a goal rather than just distributing information. 

Public Relations & Advertising Club

PR/AD Club is dedicated to giving our students practice in advertising, public relations, and strategic communication. In past years, they have attended conferences, workshops, and volunteered in the community. 

Topics unique to the Strategic Communication emphasis track include:

  • Introduction to Strategic Communication
  • Social Influence and Persuasion
  • Media Writing and Copy
  • Research Procedures in Communication
  • Strategic Planning and Communication Campaigns
  • Case Studies in Strategic Communication

Strategic Communication graduates pursue careers in:

  • Sports and Entertainment: Strategize and execute marketing campaigns, promotions, and public relations efforts to engage fans and enhance the brand image of sports and entertainment entities.
  • Travel and Tourism: Develop and implement communication plans to attract tourists, showcase destinations, and manage crisis communications to ensure traveler safety and satisfaction.
  • Health and Wellness: Create comprehensive communication strategies for healthcare organizations, promote public health initiatives, and deliver vital health information to communities.
  • Policy and Public Affairs: Advocate for organizations by crafting and disseminating persuasive messages, lobbying, and mobilizing public support to influence policy decisions and public opinion.

Students learn data analysis, market research, and ways to improve communication planning to smooth company workflows. These kinds of skills are necessary for virtually any project or industry that requires strategic planning.

Strategic communicators often work on behalf of public and private corporations and non-profit organizations, regionally and globally.

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