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Study Graphic Design

Major in Graphic Communications with an Emphasis in Graphic Design
graphic design degree 480w

Develop your design from concept to final graphic output.

Hone your artistic talents, whether through traditional art skills or modern digital techniques, to craft visually striking and meaningful graphics.

Classes include high-level training on design technologies, paired with professional digital file development. Each class is equipped with up-to-date hardware and software used every day by the world’s graphic design experts.

Digital Design Mastery

Explore the world of design as students bring their creative visions to life on the computer screen.

Creative Excellence

Our students are committed to meticulous attention to detail throughout the entire process, from design to the flawless final product.

Mastering Techniques

Delve into the intricacies of printing methods and materials, equipping yourself with essential skills for a dynamic career in graphic design.

Classroom topics in the Graphic Design program

  • Motion Graphics: Master the art of animating visuals for multimedia projects.
  • Printing Technologies: Gain expertise in modern printing processes and technologies.
  • Publication Design: Craft visually captivating layouts for various print media.
  • Branding Strategy: Develop effective brand identity and marketing plans.
  • Portfolio Management: Curate and present your creative work professionally.
  • Illustration Software: Create intricate visuals and artwork using digital tools.

Graphic Design courses cover web graphics, packaging technology, photography, print preparation, printing technologies, portfolio management, color reproduction, and more.

Graphic Design graduates pursue careers as:

  • Print Design Specialists: Create visually engaging print materials.
  • Digital Marketing Designers: Build digital assets for online advertising campaigns.
  • Publication Designers: Design layouts and visuals for publications.
  • Social Media Graphics Specialists: Develop eye-catching graphics for social media platforms.
  • Brand Identity Designers: Shape and maintain the visual identity of a brand.
  • Illustrators: Create original illustrations and artwork for diverse applications.

Graduates work for employers like commercial printing companies, advertising agencies, and design studios.

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