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Gorilla Connection

Gorilla Connection is a hub for the most innovative and important stories at PSU.


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We can use social media, email, webpages, and search engine advertising to help!


Create content to engage PSU stakeholders on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube.


Develop interactive and engaging web pages. Generate leads for campus events or university enrollment with email marketing.


Optimize communication channels to share news, educational content, and promotional messages.


Design print materials such as magazines, postcards, annual reports, brochures, and viewbooks.

  • Where can I download Pitt State logos?
  • How do I schedule a photoshoot?
  • How do I schedule a videoshoot?
  • How can I get help with my Pitt State webpage?
  • How do I share a story for Gorilla Connection?
  • How do I get help with my digital graphic?
  • How do I get my event, activity, or news story on the Pitt State social accounts?
  • How do I improve recruitment for the University, academic program, or campus event?
  • How do I correctly brand my content?
  • How can I request an interview for a media release?
A logo grabs attention, makes a strong first impression, and is the foundation of the Pitt State brand. Our Gorilla split-face separates us from the competition, fosters brand loyalty, and is expected by our audience. Contact our Creative Coordinator, Paulina Scholes, to request any of our logo designs.

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Our photography team at Pitt State exists to provide excellent on-brand images for marketing and communications use. We love working departments, clubs, and students who have great visual storytelling opportunities! Contact photographer, Sam Clausen, to support university marketing, branding, and communication activities.

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Our video production team partners with many campus departments to deliver engaging and informative video content to our audiences. We provide professionally produced, short-form video programming intended for our public channels. Contact videographer, Aaron Thompson, that captures some key details about the project.

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Our web development team partners with many campus departments to build and manage the Pitt State website as well as create content and assist with digital outreach. We provide professionally produced, search engine optimized, and interactive web pages. Our Director of Web Marketing, Gregor Kalan, can work with you to build the site you need!

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Help us spread the word about inspiring people, cutting-edge projects, and milestone moments that make Pitt State unique. Contact Director of Media Relations, Andra Stefanoni, to be a voice for the faculty, staff, students, alumni, and the community!

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Graphic design is a key element of digital marketing. Effective graphic designs highlight what makes Pitt State unique while following brand guidelines. It's a great way to engage with prospective students, future graduates, and alumni. Contact our Creative Coordinator, Paulina Scholes, to request digital graphic help.

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Connect with Pitt State audiences through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, or LinkedIn. Contact Marketing Manager, Erin Warner, to complete a social media request.

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Digital recruitment marketing is a way to source and attract potential candidates through social media, email marketing, digital advertising, and more. The targeting capabilities on social media make it a great source for attracting the right audience. Email nurture campaigns are a vital part of any successful inbound marketing strategy. Email initiatives turn potential leads into conversions. Digital advertising can be extremely effective with even the smallest recruiting budget.

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The Pitt State Brand Standards Manual is a guidebook for the regulations regarding the use of Pitt State logos and the university's visual identity. The brand manual addresses issues such as when and how the trademarked "split-face" logo can be used, colors and styles of approved fonts, and many other style and design questions.

Branding Guidelines

Whenever their schedules allow, many of our faculty and staff are available to comment on topics related to their areas of expertise. We’re proud that they are considered to be among the top researchers and scholars in the U.S. Their interests are diverse.

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Gorilla Connection Articles

Poignant stories to stay in the know of our higher education environment and surrounding community.


Pitt State Magazine

Produced for alumni and friends of the University, 64,000 copies are circulated to share the ongoings of PSU.

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Gorilla Connection Podcast

Connecting listeners with the inspiring people, innovative projects, and milestone moments that make Pitt State unique.


We are here to bring the stories of Pittsburg State University to life.

University Marketing & Communication strengthens audience perceptions and understanding of PSU. 

Through media communications and marketing we:

  1. Grow awareness of Pittsburg State University
  2. Increase student enrollment and persistence
  3. Foster community and campus engagement