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Study Advanced Vehicle Systems

Major in Automotive Technology with an Emphasis in Advanced Vehicle Systems

Work with alternative fuels and advanced propulsion systems in the automotive industry. Our students make a positive impact on the environment by reducing vehicle emissions and improving fuel efficiency.

Diagnose, repair, and maintain vehicles powered by alternative fuels such as hydrogen, electricity, compressed natural gas, and hybrid technologies.

advanced-vehicles-system 960w
mechanic electric vehicle 480w

Hands-on Training

Work on a variety of vehicles powered by different types of alternative fuels. Our students develop the practical skills needed to succeed as an alternative fuels mechanic.

hyrbrid repair mechanic 480w

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our curriculum includes courses in advanced propulsion systems, automotive electronics, alternative fuel systems, and emissions control technologies.

hybrid car technician 480w

State-of-the-art Lab

Diagnose and repair problems with alternative fuel systems with the latest technologies and advancements in the field. 

What are the duties of an Alternative Fuels Engineer?

Alternative Fuels Engineer plays a critical role in developing and implementing new technologies to reduce the environmental impact of the automotive industry.

  • Research new technologies and alternative fuels to find ways to improve vehicle performance and reduce emissions.
  • Design or modify existing vehicle components and systems to incorporate alternative fuel systems and technologies.
  • Conduct tests to evaluate the performance of alternative fuel systems.
  • Install alternative fuel systems and components in vehicles.

Topics unique to the Advanced Vehicle Systems emphasis track include:

  • Prolog to Electronics
  • Introductory Electronics
  • D.C. Circuit Analysis Methods
  • Fundamentals of Collision Technology
  • Introduction to Industrial Automation
  • Failure Analysis
  • Service Techniques Laboratory
  • Advanced Engine performance
  • Dynamometer and Performance Testing

Advanced Vehicle Systems graduates find jobs as:

  • Automotive electrical technicians
  • Electrical systems engineers
  • Validation engineers
  • Electrical design engineers
  • Automotive electrical wiring installers

Our graduates gain more than just the technical skills needed to gain employment in this fast-changing industry; they gain the leadership skills necessary to succeed at the highest corporate levels.

Electrical technicians within the automotive industry earn an annual average salary of $51,396.

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