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Study Astrophysics

Major in Physics with an Emphasis in Astrophysics

A Bachelor of Science Degree in Physics with an Emphasis in Astrophysics features the core courses of a professional physics degree but includes specialized courses in astrophysics as electives. This combination prepares students for advanced training in graduate school in either astronomy or astrophysics.

More about the Program

Students who seek degrees through our program have access to:

  • PSU/Greenbush Astrophysical Observatory - A research-grade telescope with CCD spectrograph and direct imaging capability.
  • Modern computer lab with specialized software for modeling.
  • Courses with specialized training in astrophysics, computer modeling, and data collection and modeling.

The Astrophysics emphasis will assist students in matriculating to an astronomy or astrophysics graduate program leading to an advanced degree. Students with advanced degrees then have a myriad of career options, including: 

  • working at research facilities under the direction of NASA
  • working in private industry
  • teaching and conducting research at universities

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