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Study Multimedia Journalism

Major in Communication with an Emphasis in Multimedia Journalism

Turn an idea into a packaged story, complete with images or other multimedia elements.

Collect information through interviewing sources, interpret and organize information, and present it to the public. Learn about the rights and responsibilities of journalists in a free and open society.

Get practical experience through on-campus media outlets. The Collegio is Pittsburg State's student-run newspaper. Report on campus life, college athletics, student opinion, and more.

Topics unique to the Multimedia Journalism emphasis track include:

  • News reporting
  • Broadcast journalism
  • Photojournalism
  • Online journalism
  • Media law

Multimedia Journalism graduates find careers in:

  • Digital Media: Create and curate engaging multimedia content, blending text, images, and videos for online audiences.

  • Radio: Report, record, and broadcast news stories, interviews, and events, ensuring clear and compelling audio content.

  • Television: Produce, script, and present multimedia news packages, delivering up-to-the-minute reports to television audiences.

  • Cable: Develop and host news segments, discussions, and documentaries on cable networks, reaching diverse viewers.

  • Print: Research, write, and edit news articles, features, and columns, delivering impactful stories through print media.

  • Online News: Craft and publish multimedia news stories, enhancing digital platforms with videos, interactive graphics, and real-time updates.

Multimedia journalism prepares students for careers in the news industry as well as PR and other media-related fields.

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