The Gorilla Geeks Help Desk assists students, faculty, and staff with IT needs essential for success at PSU, while also providing a single point of contact for services offered through the Office of Information Technology Services (ITS).  


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Visit Us: 109 Whitesitt Hall

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Gorilla Geeks IT Help Desk Hours of Operation:
Fall and Spring Semesters
Chat Hours:             
Monday -Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Office/Phone Hours:
Monday - Friday 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Summer Semesters
Chat and Office/Phone Hours:
Monday - Thursday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Friday 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Let The Geeks Assist You With:

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  • Your PSU Password:
  • The GUS Portal:
  • Your PSU Email Account:
  • The GUSNet (Wifi) Network:
  • University Software:
  • GUSPrint University Printing Services:
  • Personal Hardware and Software Repair:
  • Technology Training Opportunities and Materials
  • Remote IT Instruction & Working Resources:
  • E-Waste Services:
  • Discounted and Free IT Resources:
  • Gorilla Geeks Pitt CARES Information:
  • Gorilla Geeks Housing Information:
  • Other Services offered through Information Technology Services (ITS):

Welcome to Gorilla Nation! If you are trying to login to PSU IT Resources for the first time you are in the right place.  As a First Time User at PSU, you have only 2 easy steps to your first login as a Gorilla. Let's get started



Your PSU Password is used to access campus IT resources such as Canvas, GUS, GUS Print, Office365, GUSMail,  and many other services.


The GUS Portal is the place to start in order to access all of PSU's major IT systems. 


The Geeks support both student email (named: GUSMail) and Faculty & Staff email.  Both email systems can be accessed in the GUSPortal and are powered by Microsoft Outlook.


Contact the Geeks for help accessing the GUSNet Wifi Network. GUSNet serves as the PSU wireless network and is available to students, faculty, staff, and guests.  



PSU owns a host of instructional and operational software.  The Geeks are available to offer support for these tools or direct you to those that can.  Below you will find links to some of the most commonly used software tools on campus.  If you don't see the name of the software that you are needing help with below, please contact us at to see how we can help.


PSU utilizes GUSPrint (Paper Cut) for centralized printing.  Learn more about options other than printing through our Print Smart site.


The Geeks offer basic help with personal computer hardware and software issues that students, faculty, and staff may be facing.  Please note that a modest charge may be incurred.  Check out the Gorilla Geeks Price Sheet to see details.


ITS manages and organizes IT Training Opportunities.  In addition, ITS develops IT Training Materials.  Check out our current offerings and materials!

NOTE: Many of our trainings take place in our training room located at the Gorilla Geeks in 109 Whitesitt Hall. 


Check out our Remote IT Support Page for PSU students, faculty, and staff who are learning and working remotely. This page is full of resources, including IT tools and instructional information on how to use those tools. 


Most technology items can be e-wasted. We encourage you to e-waste as much as possible to keep electronics out of our landfills. What can the Gorilla Geeks e-waste:

  • Students - The Gorilla Geeks can e-waste personal devices for current PSU Students.  The Gorilla Geeks are able to offer this service through a partnership with SEK Recycling Center.  To e-waste your personal devices, or learn more about the e-waste process including any associated fees, please contact the Gorilla Geeks, 620-235-4600
  • Faculty and Staff - The Gorilla Geeks are not authorized for e-waste of faculty and staff personal devices.  We encourage you to contact the SEK Recycling Center to learn about their e-waste program. 
    • Note: Faculty and Staff needing to e-waste PSU-owned devices, please submit a ticket or send an email to:  One of our ITS technicians will arrange pickup and disposal.


Check out the PSU Pitt Start web page to learn about the discounted and free IT resources that PSU students, faculty, and staff have access to!


Here you will find the Gorilla Geeks Pitt CARES Brochure.  This was made available during your CARES session.  This version has live links to everything in the brochure.


Learn how the Gorilla Geeks can help your transition into University Housing simple and streamlined!


The Gorilla Geeks are a division of office of Information Technology Services (ITS).  Learn more about all of the services that ITS offers to the PSU community.


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