Cashiers and Student Accounts

The Office of Cashiers and Student Accounts is located in 112 Horace Mann and provides service related to depositing all revenue for the University, receipting all payments on students' accounts, and disbursing financial assistance to students.
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 am - 3:30 pm
Closed for lunch from 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Student Accounts Payment Information


2023 Fall Important Dates

Tuition Assessed July 20, 2023
4-Payment Plan Available July 27, 2023
      (Due dates: Aug 5, Sep 5, Oct 5, Nov 5)
Verification of Enrollment Begins July 31, 2023
Financial Aid and Scholarships Applied August 14, 2023
*Tuition Due August 28, 2023

Online MBA and other Session-Based Programs should refer to the appropriate Academic Calendar for payment deadlines.

Student Billing and Payment Information
  • Payment Options
  • Payment Plan Information
  • Student Account Statement
  • Payer Access and eProxy Access Instructions

Three ways to pay your bill:
· Online:  Click here to pay.

  1. by electronic check with no additional cost to you
  2. by debit/credit card, a minimum fee of $3.00 will be applied to charges between $20.00 and $105.99.  All other debit/credit card transactions will be charged a 2.9% convenience fee.
  3. by 529/college savings plan, for which a $10 fee will be charged.
  4. by foreign currency, for which fees will apply as calculated by the 3rd party processor.

· By Mail: If you wish to pay by paper check, please include your PSU ID on the bottom of the check. Mail your payment to: Pittsburg State University, Cashiers & Student Accounts Office, 1701 S. Broadway, Pittsburg, KS 66762-7536.

· In Person: You can pay in person by cash, money order, traveler’s check, cashier’s check, or personal check (all checks must be in US Dollars) at the Office of Cashiers & Student Accounts, Room 112 Horace Mann, during normal business hours. Normal business hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. The Cashiers and Student Accounts Office cannot accept in-person debit or credit card payments.


Why is there a 2.9% convenience fee for using a card?

There is a cost to the University for accepting credit and debit cards; these charges would be passed to the University in the form of merchant fees billed by the card companies, if we did not use a third-party vendor. Transact Campus (Formerly CASHNet) is our third-party vendor that establishes the rate and collects the charges for the convenience fee. (PSU does not control the rate charged or receive any additional proceeds from this charge.)

What if I am unable to pay my tuition and or housing in full?

PSU offers both a tuition payment plan and a housing payment plan. The cost of each plan is $25 per semester per plan. By signing up for the plan(s) by August 5th for the fall semester or by January 5th for the spring semester, you agree to make four (4) installment payments. Following your initial payment of one fourth of the total owed, there are three subsequent payments due on the 5th of the three following months. For example: If you enter a payment plan on August 5th, you will have payments due on September 5th, October 5th, and November 5th for the fall semester. If your payments are not made in full by the 5th for each payment, a $25 late fee will apply.

Pittsburg State University offers both a tuition payment plan and a housing payment plan.  Students may enroll in a payment plan for both tuition and housing costs, however they require two separate plans. 

Students with scholarship(s) or student financial assistance may choose to postpone signing up for the payment plan until their awards have been posted to their student account or the semester due date.  By delaying enrollment in a payment plan, your scholarships/awards will have reduced the total balance due, therefore reducing the monthly installments.  Be sure to enroll in a payment plan before the semester due date.

Is there a cost for the tuition and/or housing payment plans?

The contract activation fee to register for each payment plan is $25 (i.e. if a student wishes to enroll in a tuition payment plan and a housing payment plan, there will be a $25 charge for the tuition payment plan and an additional $25 charge for the housing payment plan). The payment plan contract activation fee of $25 is charged for each semester that a student enrolls in a payment plan.

Is there a late fee for a late or missed payment?

Yes, a payment plan late fee of $25 per late or missed payment will be assessed to the student's account. Additionally, a hold will be placed on the student's record, which prevents students from being able to enroll for future terms.  If all payments are made in a timely manner, by the 5th of each month, there will be no additional fees incurred.

How to enroll in a payment plan

  1. Students: Sign-in to GUS Classic at, using a Firefox or Google Chrome browser.  Click on the Secure Payment Portal in the Student Account section of your Personal Information  This will direct you to our 3rd party payment processor. 
    Parents: Use the Parent Payment button on our website at who are current or former PSU students may have login access to GUS Classic but should still use the parent link to make a payment for your student rather than yourself. 
  2. Click on View Payment Plan Options. The system will guide you through setting up a payment plan, signing the contract and paying the first installment with the contract activation fee.  For your convenience, automatic payments may be setup for the remaining payments to occur on the 5th of the following months. 


Click here for the payment plan installment schedule


Pittsburg State University is pleased to offer electronic billing notification, also known as eBill. The eBills will include the student's tuition and fees, housing, and international student health insurance.   In order to provide quick, convenient service and eliminate mailing delays, Cashiers and Student Accounts Office sends billing notifications electronically to each student's PSU e-mail address. Statement cutoff dates will be the 25th of each month and will be available for viewing online within a few days.  An e-mail notification will be sent to the students' PSU e-mail address if they have had any transactions between the 26th of the prior month and the 25th of the current month or if there is a balance due.  Upon e-mail notification, students are responsible for accessing their eBill account each month to view their account balance and confirm payment due dates. Students will access their eBills through their GUS account. 



Student information is confidential, unless access is granted by the student to a designated user.  Access may be granted by following the instructions in these links:

Payer access is required to make online payments.  Click here for payer access instructions.

eProxy access allows parents to view online student data and discuss student data with the staff at PSU.  Click here for eProxy instructions.

Other Student Resources

If you have grants, loans, or scholarships, you are required to verify your enrollment before these funds can be applied to your account. This verification process must be completed eachh semester. All University holds must be cleared before verification of enrollment can be completed.

Verification of Enrollment for Disbursement of Funds Link:

Please note: you cannot verify your enrollment, unless you have financial aid awards. If you have difficulty with the verification process or questions about your financial aid awards, please contact the financial aid office at: (620)235-4240

All University charges are required to be paid in full before financial aid refunds will be disbursed to the student.

1098-T Information

The Office of Cashier's and Student Accounts is responsible for reporting all students' tuition billing charges, all grants, scholarships, attendance, and graduate status at PSU to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). In January, the Office of Cashier's and Student Accounts will provide a 1098-T (Tuition Payment Statement) form to all students who attended PSU during the previous calendar year. The tuition payment statement will also include a brief summary of the charges and credits to the student's tuition account during the calendar year for assisting taxpayers in determining the amount of tax credit available.

To access a 1098-T: 

  1. Use a Firefox or Google Chrome browser
  2. Go to
  3. Click on GUS Classic
  4. In the Student Accounts section, click on “Current and Prior Years Forms”
  5. Input the year that you would like to review and click submit
  6. Your 1098-T should populate in the current window
  7. You have the option to print or download as a PDF

Or use the following link:  Pittsburg State University Form 1098T (via GUS)

  1. Input the year you would like to review and click submit
  2. Your 1098-T should populate in the current window
  3. You have the option to print or download as a PDF

As a green initiative, students may opt to receive their IRS 1098-T form electronically.  The student can complete the authorization by following the link, Electronic Form 1098-T Authorization, or logging into GUS Classic and selecting Electronic Form 1098-T Authorization under the Student Accounts menu. Otherwise, the 1098-T will be mailed to the student's permanent address currently on file.

Note: Students that have not provided their social security number will not receive a 1098-T until a valid social security number is provided.


Other Student Tax Information

Students and families interested in finding out more about the American Opportunity and Lifetime Learning Credits, and other education-related tax provisions of the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 may find the following consumer information pieces useful.

(PDF Files; you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download, read, and print off the document.)


Pittsburg State University will not give individual tax advice. Please consult with a tax professional regarding any potential tax benefits.

Please complete this 3rd party sponsorship information release and email to

3rd Party Form

Refund Options

Direct deposit is the preferred method for student refunds at Pittsburg State University (PSU). It is the safest and quickest way to receive money that is due to you. If you are not signed up for direct deposit of student refunds, we may issue a credit to your credit/debit card used during the current semester or a refund check will be issued to you. Direct deposits are processed daily. Selecting a check refund will delay your refund 10-14 days.

If PSU is processing a refund for a student or patron, PSU will use the following hierarchy to determine how a refund is processed:

  • Direct Deposit to your financial institution
  • Credit issued to the card number that made the original payment, up to the current semester payment amount
  • Check by mail

PSU, in its sole discretion, will determine the refund amount and which card is refunded, if multiple credit/debit cards were used to make the payment for the current semester.

Any refund that is a result of an overpayment by non-certified funds (personal check, money order, etc.) will be held for 15 days before the refund is processed. Refunds that are a result of dropped classes must be approved by the Registrar’s Office and Office of Student Financial Assistance before being issued to the student.

 Direct Deposit to Your Bank Account

  • You will need to provide your account type (checking or savings), your financial institution’s routing number and account number in GUS under the Personal Information section at
  • It is extremely important that your financial institution’s account information is entered correctly. Incorrect information will result in a delay in you receiving your refund.
  • Funds will generally be available in your bank account within two to three days after being released from your student account. Check with your financial institution for their Funds Availability Policy.
  • In the event your financial institution refuses the electronic transfer of funds, it could be up to ten business days before the University will produce a refund check.
  • When you select this option, you give consent for PSU to provide certain student information to your financial institution.
  • The Cashiers and Student Accounts Office reserves the right to select and / or change your refund option if necessary.
  • If you want to terminate direct deposit of your refund, you will need to disable your Direct Deposit in GUS under the Student Accounts section at
  • Direct Deposit is not an option for Federal Parent PLUS Loans. A check will be sent to the parent at the address designated by the parent.


Check by Mail

  • This option is not recommended, as it will cause a delay in any refund that you may receive. Checks are only mailed on the first business day of the week.
  • Be sure to keep your permanent address up to date in GUS at, as this is where the refund check will be mailed. All checks must be mailed. Checks will be mailed through the US Postal Service, so please allow a minimum of 3-5 business days for mail processing time.
  • Refund checks mailed to an outdated student address will have to wait until the refund check is returned to PSU or wait 10 business days, whichever occurs first, until the refund can be reissued. To avoid delays in receiving your refund check, students are encouraged to set up Direct Deposit.
  • If your check is lost or stolen, it will be your responsibility to contact Cashiers and Student Accounts in Horace Mann, Room 112, call 620-235-4092 or e-mail and request that the check be reissued. Checks will not be reissued until 10 business days have passed from the date of the original check. A signed Lost or Stolen Check Affidavit Form may be required by the Cashiers and Student Accounts Office before the check is reissued.
  • A $25 administrative fee may be assessed for issuing a replacement check.
  • PSU does not verify funds for check cashing by third party entities.
  • Cashiers and Student Accounts reserves the right to select and / or change your refund option if necessary.
  • Refund checks not cashed within 90 days of issuance are not valid. These checks will have a stop payment placed on them and cannot be cashed. Refunds containing federal loan or grant funds will have the funds returned to the appropriate federal program.

All returned checks are processed twice by the bank before deemed insufficient funds. Restitution must be made by either cash, money order, cashier’s check, or credit card.  A $30 fee will be charged for each returned item.  An academic ‘Hold’ will be placed on the student’s record, which will be removed when the returned check and the returned check fee are paid to the Office of Cashiers and Student Accounts.

Pittsburg State University now offers three online options for Tuition, Fees, and Housing payments.  All options can be accessed via the student portal at (logging into GUS). 

Credit Card Policy

  • The Cashiers & Student Accounts and Housing offices only accept credit card payments for tuition, fees and housing charges online.
  • Credit card payments can be made via the Transact Campus SmartPay Payment Service. This service is available by going to the student portal (GUS) and signing in with your PSU ID and password.  Transact Campus will assess and collect a minimum fee of $3.00 for charges between $20.00 and $105.99.  All other transactions will be charged a convenience fee of 2.9% that will be included in the total payment amount.  This fee will be charged at the time of processing.

What is Transact Campus?

Transact Campus (Formerly CASHNet), is the third party vendor with whom Pittsburg State University has contracted to provide secure online payments.

Why are we using a third party vendor?

PSU has been absorbing the credit card processing fees charged by credit card processors. These fees have been increasing at an alarming rate. Although some colleges and universities have chosen to no longer accept credit or debit cards, we determined it would be a disservice to our University communities if we eliminated them altogether. The vendor, Transact Campus, has the expertise in online payment systems to meet all security and privacy issues and meets the banking and credit card industry compliance requirements (PCI-DSS). Our contract with them ensures that the processes are compliant with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley (GLB) Act.

How was the 2.9% rate determined?

That rate is determined by our vendor, Transact Campus.  The convenience fee is charged and collected by Transact Campus.  (PSU does not control the rate charged or receive any additional proceeds from this service.)


Can I pay my tuition, fees and housing with a credit card?

American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and VISA can be used to pay student charges online. If you use a credit card to pay your bill, a convenience fee will be charged by and payable to Transact Campus. You will not be charged a fee if you pay online using the eCheck option.


Federal Perkins & Nursing Loan Repayments

  • Federal Perkins Loan Repayment
  • Federal Nursing Loan Repayment

The Federal Perkins Loan Program expired on September 30, 2017, and no additional loan funds will be disbursed. Although the program has ended, borrowers are still responsible for making payment on remaining loan balances.

Pittsburg State University is partnered with Educational Computer Systems, Inc. (ECSI) for processing and collecting Federal Perkins Loans.


Perkins Loan borrowers are eligible for deferments and cancellation based on the terms of your Federal Perkins Loan Master Promissory Note.

Deferment, forbearance, and loan cancellation forms can be found on the ECSI website at  Just type in Pittsburg State in the school’s name and it will bring up the downloadable forms. Note that payments are not suspended while waiting for approval of your deferment or cancellation request.  If you are not sure which option you may qualify for, please contact ECSI at (888) 549-3274 or online at to discuss the best path for you.


Perkins loans are eligible to be included in loan consolidation.  If you wish to have your Perkins loan consolidated with other outstanding loans, you must work with the consolidating agency and request that these loans be included.

Please visit the Federal Student Aid website at for more information on loan consolidation.


Contact ECSI at 888-549-3274 or start a live chat at

You can make payments to Pittsburg’s State loan servicer, Educational Computer Systems, Inc. (ECSI) by mail, online through their website, using their EasyPath mobile app (for iOS and Android), over the phone using their automated payment assistant or with a customer service advocate, and through bill pay services.  Please note that processing fees may apply to some, but not all information.  ECSI does not charge for payments received by mail or recurring ACH payments.  Any processing fee will be disclosed to you before you authorize your payment.  Below is more information on your payment options and the fees that might apply to your payment.


By Mail: ECSI accepts checks and money orders.  Please include your Heartland Key or account number in the memo field on your check or money order.  Make it payable to Pittsburg State and mail to Pittsburg State, c/o ECSI, P.O. BOX 1287, MOON TOWNSHIP, PA 15108.


Online: ECSI accepts one-time and recurring online payments via ACH and debit/credit card.  ECSI accepts VISA, MasterCard, and Discover.  Note when paying by VISA Credit Card (not debit card) the following restrictions will be applied: you can make up to six one-time payments per loan account per year, and you cannot use VISA credit card for recurring payments.  ECSI does not accept American Express. 


Mobile App: ECSI accepts payments via their EasyPath mobile app. Their mobile app is available for Apple or Android phones either at The App Store for Apple or at the Google Play Store for Android. 


By Phone: ECSI accepts one-time ACH and debit/credit card payments, and recurring ACH Payments over the phone.  ECSI does not accept recurring debit/credit card payments over the phone.  One-time payments can be made by calling them toll-free at (888) 549-3274 and using their automated payment assistant which is available 24/7.  For recurring ACH payments, please call one of their customer service advocates toll free at (888) 549-3274, Monday to Friday 7:30 AM to 8:00 PM EST. 


Bill Pay: ECSI accepts payments through your bank or other third-party bill pay service.



Nursing Faculty Loan borrowers are eligible for deferments and cancellation based on the terms of your Federal Nursing Faculty Loan Master Promissory Note.

Deferment, forbearance, and loan cancellation forms can be found on the ECSI website at  Just type in Pittsburg State in the school’s name and it will bring up the downloadable forms under the Nurse Faculty Loan Program Forms. Note that payments are not suspended while waiting for approval of your deferment or cancellation request.


Nursing Student Loans are eligible for a deferment based on the terms of your Federal Nursing Student Loan Master Promissory Note. The deferment form can be found at this link  Note that payments are not suspended while waiting for approval of your deferment request.


Nursing Student Loans are eligible for a cancellation only in the case of death or permanent and total disability.

Note: Schools/Lenders do not have the authority to cancel the Nursing Student Loans based on permanent and total disability. This authority remains with the Department of Health and Human Services. Documentation must be submitted to the Health Careers Loans and Scholarships Branch/DHCFS/BHW/HRSA, 5600 Fishers Lane, Room 15N76, Rockville, MD 20857.


Upon the death of a borrower, the unpaid balance of the loan and accrued interest will be canceled. To grant cancellation, the school must obtain a death certificate or other official proof of death.

 [Section 836(b)(4) of the Public Health Service Act; 42 CFR Part 57.311]

Permanent and Total Disability

A borrower is entitled to cancellation of NSLs in the event of permanent and total disability. Permanent and total disability is defined as being unable to engage in gainful employment of any kind because of a medically determinable impairment which is expected to continue for a long and indefinite period or to result in death. The review and final determination shall be made by the Secretary on the recommendation of the school, supported by required medical certification relating to the borrower's disability.

To claim cancellation for disability, a borrower should submit a formal request to the school that awarded the loan along with the following documentation:

  • Date entered and date graduated, or date studies terminated.
  • Total amount of loans obtained.
  • Amount of unpaid balance
  • Nature and date of onset of the disability
  • Employment history prior to disability
  • Statement of financial support
  • Current medical examination and/or treatment

The medical report must be sufficiently detailed to provide for a comprehensive review to determine the nature, duration, and extent of the impairment and prognosis. Supporting documentation should include history of illness, medical examination(s), inpatient and outpatient treatments, and current medications. Include copies of all pertinent past medical records and a prognosis and rehabilitation plan. The medical documentation must be accompanied by a signed and dated statement from the borrower's physician documenting permanent and total disability according to the definition above.

The borrower will give the school’s consent for the release of information allowing the release of any required information on the disability to the Department. The school will be formally notified of the Secretary's and/or designee's decision and must retain written notification of the decision.

Faculty & Staff Information

  • Cash Handling Policy
  • Preparation and Transmittal of Departmental Deposits

University Policy

1. The Cashier's Office is responsible for making all deposits to the State Treasurer.

2. It is University policy that all cash (checks, currency, and coin) collected by University departments and student organizations should be deposited on a daily basis with the Cashier's office utilizing a deposit form. If the deposit does not comply with University policy, a memo explaining the reasons will be sent to the department. 

3. The Cashier's Office closes its books each day at 3:30 p.m. For those departments or student organizations which consistently receive cash each business day, a daily cut-off time must be established in order to allow time for the department/organization to prepare the deposit and deliver it to the Cashier's office before 3:30 p.m. in order to be deposited the same day. 

4. Funds received in the departments after the cut-off time each day shall be deposited with the collections received the following business day. Each department and student organization is responsible for ensuring adequate procedures and controls over the temporary safekeeping of funds prior to their deposit with the Cashier's Office. Such procedures and controls should include at minimum: 

  1. Removal of funds from cash register or money tray by the designated fund custodian.
  2. Placement of funds in a locked bank bag (or locked metal container) and securement of the bag in a safe or locked cabinet or locked desk; and
  3. Access to the funds be limited to the designated fund custodian.

5. For those departments or student organizations which receive small amounts of cash on a irregular basis, while the daily deposit of cash is desirable, such daily deposit may not be practical or cost effective. In those cases where the amount of cash receipts are small and an adequate safekeeping facility is available, an aggregate amount of cash receipts not to exceed $25.00 may be retained in the departmental safekeeping facility for a period not to exceed five workdays. Within this five workday period the monies must be deposited with the Cashier's Office.

6. All checks received are to be restrictively endorsed immediately upon receipt. The recommended endorsement is:

            FOR DEPOSIT ONLY 
            (Department's Title) 
            Account No. _____________

7. Under no circumstances will employees or students make disbursements from the department's or student organization's cash receipts. All cash receipts must be deposited with the Cashier's Office.

8. Departments receiving checks should encourage the makers of the check or checks to make them payable to Pittsburg State University and not to the department. However, the following payee format is acceptable: Pittsburg State University/(Name of department). Departments should not request checks to be made payable to the department or individual.

Preparation and Transmittal of Departmental Deposits

Departmental deposits are processed in Transact and the information is transferred to the designated funding string in GUS Cloud.  All deposits should be in a locked bag and delivered to the cashiers office and include a completed Departmental Deposit Form, credit card slips and checks made payable to Pittsburg State University. 

The form should be completed in the following manner:

1. Fill department ID number, name and date of the deposit.

2. On the numbered lines, fill in the eight-segment funding string, description and amount for each deposited item. 

3. In the "To Cashiers" section provide a breakdown of total collections between checks, credit cards and currency.   Note:  For checks, a calculator tape for the numeric and the written amount should be included with the deposit to ensure an accurate check total.  The bank will only honor the written amount of the check. 

4. The "Change Fund Reconciliation" section will need to be completed for departments that maintain a change fund.