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Graphic Communications Major

Craft visually compelling content that bridges the gap between traditional print media and the digital landscape.

Technology Integration

The major emphasizes the integration of cutting-edge technologies, including design software, digital printing, printing presses, and multimedia tools!

Project-Based Learning

Through hands-on projects and real-world client work, students solve design challenges and produce professional-quality graphics.

Produce Like a Professional

Students learn about production processes, from prepress preparation for print to digital media production, ensuring their designs are ready for the real world.

Specialize in Your Passions

Whether you want to develop a brand identity or create user-friendly digital interfaces for websites, Pitt State offers an emphasis track in your desired career path.

graphic design degree in graphic arts at Pittsburg State University graphic communications program
Hands-on Experience

Train on modern equipment necessary to carry out print and digital media production, from concept to finished product.

what do graphic designers do from Pittsburg State University with graphic design degree
Comprehensive Portfolio

Produce meaningful and exciting coursework that illustrates creative excellence to future employers.

Pittsburg State University graphic design courses for graphic design career
Recognition for Work

Our students enter their designs into conferences and competitions that win awards.

Attend Adobe Max and Win an ADDY

Jourdan has achieved notable success during his college journey, securing an American Advertising Award (ADDY) and attending Adobe Max in LA with the Gamma Epsilon Tau Honor Society. In his internship with Watco, he played a key role in developing photography and graphic design assets for marketing purposes.

program scholarships awarded annually


hours of real-world experience in internship


Graphics Arts Club and Honor Society (Gamma Epsilon Tau)


medals earned by students at ADDY Awards

“I transferred here through a 2+2 program Pitt has with Flint Hills Technical College, thinking I’d like the design aspect of graphics. Turns out I liked the hands-on work the best.”

Renato Pinto, Graphic Communications

Graphic Communications Careers

In addition to technical skills, the Graphic Communications program trains students to succeed as leaders. Graduates are prepared to hold positions like:

  • Graphic Designer: Conceptualize and create visually appealing marketing materials, such as brochures and logos, using design software and typography to convey client messages effectively.
  • Illustrator: Creates custom illustrations and graphics using digital or traditional techniques, bringing ideas and concepts to life with creativity and precision.
  • Photographer: Capture striking images and videos, selecting equipment, lighting, and composition techniques to produce captivating visual content for clients, publications, or events.
  • Videographer: Shoots and edits video footage, selecting appropriate equipment and techniques to produce engaging visual narratives for clients, events, or marketing campaigns.
  • Packaging Designer: Develop innovative and attractive packaging solutions, incorporating branding elements, illustrations, and structural designs to enhance product presentation and market appeal.
  • Prepress Technician: Prepares and optimizes digital files for printing, ensuring color accuracy, image quality, and proper layout for various print media.
  • UI/UX Designer: Craft user-friendly website interfaces and digital experiences by conducting user research, creating wireframes, and implementing interactive design elements to optimize user engagement and navigation.
  • Web Developer: Codes and maintains responsive websites, incorporating HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to ensure functionality, interactivity, and seamless navigation for online users.
Our strong industry connections have led our graduates to leadership roles in advertising, marketing, printing, design, and more.

Emphases available

Develop engaging websites and interactive media experiences for a variety of devices and platforms. Learn how to enhance the usability of digital products through user research, wireframing, prototyping, and testing.

Craft impactful packaging and publication graphics for consumer products. You will learn package design and work on printing equipment to bring your product to life.

Use art and technology to leave a lasting impact on viewers in an increasingly visual world. Master design for print and digital media through typography, color theory, layout design, branding, and marketing.

Master content creation for digital media by learning photography and video production, gaining hands-on experience with industry tools, and building a compelling portfolio. Learn how to craft content that informs, entertains, and inspires audiences.