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Dance Minor

Express yourself and develop your artistry with a Dance minor. Gain knowledge in technique, choreography, and performance, and develop skills in collaboration, creativity, and self-expression.

The Dance minor also results in a Dance Certificate upon completion of the coursework. Many students with an interest in dance are selecting it as a minor to complement their chosen majors. In addition, it is an ideal minor for students seeking to continue developing and enhancing their dance skills.

ballet dancer

Career Opportunities

As a Dance student, you will participate in activity-based classes and hands-on learning opportunities, both of which will prepare you for the application of dance in employment settings.

After completing a Dance minor, you will have the knowledge and ability to work in the following positions and fields:

  • Community and commercial dance program instructors
  • Dance facilitators and directors
  • Dance sponsors and coaches in school settings
  • Theatre
  • Dance studio operators
  • Competitive studio dancing
  • Performance
  • Competitions and camps
  • Choreography and costumes

Dance Opportunities at Pittsburg State University

If your love for dance leaves you wanting even more experience, there are further opportunities you may pursue while taking classes:

  • PSU Dance Club
  • Dance Appreciation Class
  • PSU Swing Dance
  • Various dance studios in the Pittsburg community
  • Performing in the Bicknell Family Center for the Arts
  • Classes available to enhance skills students may have in ballet, tap, and jazz

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