Welcome to Gorilla Nation! As a First Time User at PSU, you have just 2 easy steps to your first login as a Gorilla!

Step One Graphic

Set Your PSU Password

When you were admitted to PSU you received your unique 7 digit PSU ID Number in a letter from PSU Admissions.  You will need that number to proceed.  Once you have your ID Number, click here to set your PSU password.   Be sure to select a "pass phrase" that is memorable to you (Example: !Lov3PSUG0rillas).  Learn more about strong passwords here.  After setting your password, return to this page for the final step in this process.


NOTE: If you need assistance locating your ID Number, please contact the Gorilla Geeks: 109 Whitesitt Hall  -  620-235-4600  -  geeks@pittstate.edu.

Step Two GraphicActivate Your GUSMail 

One last step!  To locate your GUSMail Account Name, simply go to the GUS Portal, click the Login button, and login to My GUS Portal with your 7 Digit Student ID Number and the password that you just created.  After logged in, you will see your assigned email address under the PSU Split Face Logo (on your mobile device it's in the Menu).  Click on your address and login to GUSMail for the first time using your GUSMail address as your ID and your new password! 

NOTE: GUSMail is housed in Microsoft's email system, Outlook.  The first time that you activate your account, Microsoft will require a few extra steps to verify that you are indeed a PSU student.  Follow the directions on the screen and you will be authenticated as an official PSU GUSMail user!




Once you have finished this process you are set to go!  You can login to any resource in the GUS Portal with your GUSMail address and your password.


Gorilla Geeks  -  109 Whitesitt Hall  -  620-235-4600  -  geeks@pittstate.edu