Your GUSMail account

GUSMail ( Official email for PSU Students.  GUSMail is also available as an optional email for faculty and staff. GUSMail is the primary e-mail provided for the university student population and is the students' primary e-mail account with the university.

All university communications will be sent to your GUSMail account.  This will include emails regarding your financial assistance, enrollment, or other university notifications.  Your instructors will use your GUSMail account to send out class communications.

Faculty and staff may sign up for a GUSMail account, which should only be used for personal use (GUSMail is not intended for official PSU business).  GUSMail is a lifelong account and is a perfect alternative to an official University email account upon retirement.

To activate your GUSMail account begin by accessing your GUS Classic, and then click on Computer Accounts and Passwords, then activate GUSMail Account.


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