Print Smart
  • Help PSU Print Smart!
  • Before Ordering that new printer, please consider:
  • Before printing a document, please consider:
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Due to rising costs, dwindling funding, and the need to be as sustainable as possible, we are asking that everyone consider creative ways to help reduce printing costs by printing less and using centralized network printing devices when they do print.  Please consider the following PSU Print Smart items:

Could my colleagues and I print to a centrally located printer in our department vs. printing to private printers in our offices?
  • By sharing a networked printer you could save funding on both a new printer and on toner.
  • Note, if there are items that you must print that are sensitive in nature, utilizing a printer in your office or a printer that is secure may be necessary.
  • Document imaging and how you can reduce your department’s printing through electronic storage? If so contact Becky Qualls at
  • Document retention and when/how to properly purge of University hard copies? If so, contact: