Teacher Education

The Educational Preparation Provider (EPP) Unit at Pittsburg State University Conceptual Framework is guided by the university's mission to
provide transformational experiences for its students and the community.

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 Mission Statement

To prepare and mentor exceptional future LEADERS in education, and to further the profession through partnerships, research and service. 
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Vision Statement

Robust community of effective 
educational LEADERS. 

The following graduate programs are CAEP-accredited and available for state licensure through the Office of Teacher Education. 


Graduate Programs
Graduate Program Contact Person

   Dr. Katherine Tackett  
   Dr. Jason Clemensen

   Dr. Shelly Martin

   Dr. Tatiana Sildus

   Dr. Liz Mascher

   Dr. Jennifer Richardson

   Dr. Gina Robbins

   Ms. Sandra Cobos

   Dr. Brian Sims

Contact Information:

Contact: Brandy Grotheer
Director: Dr. Jean Dockers
110 Hughes Hall
Phone: 620-235-4489