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Research and top notch programs

The College of Arts and Sciences is the largest college on campus and is comprised of four schools and one department: the Irene Ransom Bradley School of Nursing; the School of Humanities and Fine and Performing Arts; the School of Science and Mathematics; the School of History, Philosophy and Social Sciences; and, the Department of Military Science. The college directs two interdisciplinary degree programs, the Bachelor of Integrated Studies and the Bachelor of General Studies and works in partnership with the College of Education to offer secondary teaching credentials in multiple disciplines.

What the College of Arts and Sciences is known for:

  • Student-focused, hands-on learning opportunities
  • Outstanding students, faculty, staff and alumni
  • Rich cultural and educational opportunities
  • Student-faculty research, scholarship and creative endeavors
  • University's only doctoral program - Doctor of Nursing Practice
  • Externally funded grants and contracts
  • Research

Research in the College of Arts and Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences places a major emphasis on research, offering the most research opportunities on campus. Students and faculty often take part in research to develop expertise, provide new learning opportunities, and advance our understanding of the universe. There are opportunities for research in every department in the College of Arts and Sciences from Art and Communication to Chemistry and Physics.

More Information on Research at Pitt State:

School of Humanities and Fine & Performing Arts
School of Science and Mathematics
School of History, Philosophy & Social Sciences
Department of Military Science
Bachelor of General Studies
Bachelor of Integrated Studies
Women's and Gender Studies

About College of Arts & Sciences

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  • Student Advisory Council

Welcome to the College of Arts and Sciences at Pittsburg State University. We are both pleased and proud to share with you the many facets of our dynamic college. In keeping with the university's mission emphasizing transformational experiences for students and the broader community, we are actively engaged in teaching, scholarly and creative endeavors and service, with excellence in teaching students being our number one priority.

Mary Carol PomattoThe College of Arts and Sciences is noted for its size and diversity of offerings. It is comprised of 11 departments and one school offering more than 50 undergraduate and graduate degree programs as well as a number of affiliations across colleges. Our college accounts for the majority of course offerings in the university’s general education package as well as the largest number of student majors among the four university colleges. As you peruse our website, please explore the individual departments, school and programs in the college. You will find information about potential careers, course offerings in academic majors and minors, student-faculty research initiatives, special student learning opportunities, scholarships, student organizations, partnerships with community groups, interdisciplinary collaborations, department/school contact information and more including direct links to academic programs’ Facebook, YouTube and other social media sites.

It is an exciting time to be a university student no matter whether you are attending for the first time, transferring from another institution of higher education or simply engaging in learning that meets a particular personal goal. Pittsburg State University is large enough to provide you with many curricular and extracurricular opportunities yet it is small enough to ensure that you will never be just another face in the crowd. Our exceptional faculty and staff care about you and your dreams and goals for the future. In a recent meeting with students in the College of Arts and Sciences, they expressed the sentiment that Pittsburg State University provides an excellent education for an excellent value!

We trust that you will contact any of our academic offices for more information that you may need as you make the decision to invest in your future in the College of Arts and Sciences! Thank you for your interest in Pittsburg State University.

Mary Carol Pomatto

Dean, College of Arts & Sciences

Pittsburg State University

Map of buildings

Bicknell Family Center for the Arts

The Bicknell Family Center for the Arts is located just south of the Weede Physical Education Building, on the corner of Ford and Homer Streets. You can't miss it; it's the building with the beautiful modern architecture. The building includes two performance halls, an art gallery, workspace for an artist-in-residence, a private reception room, and a multiuse rehearsal space for large musical groups.

Grubbs Hall

Grubbs Hall is located on the north side of the main campus and houses the Office of the Dean for the College of Arts and Sciences, as well as the Communication and English and Modern Languages Departments. It is also home to the PSU Studio Theater. The parking lot behind this building also holds some of the most coveted brown parking spaces on campus.

Hartman Hall

Hartman Hall is located on the southeast side of the main campus, next to the stadium. Originally the Mechanic's Arts Building, Hartman Hall owes much of its history to the automotive technology programs and instructional media for the university. The building currently houses the Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology but is often used for temporary classrooms and offices during times of construction on campus.

Heckert-Wells Hall

Heckert-Wells Hall is located on the east side of campus next to the stadium. It is home to the Biology and Chemistry Departments, and also science labs, a lot of them. There is usually a nice biology display on the third floor too! Heckert-Wells is connected to Yates with an enclosed seating area, this area can be a great place to study or meet for group projects.

Kansas Polymer Research Center

The KPRC is located southeast of the main campus on Rouse Street. It houses advanced laboratories and equipment and is an integral part of the Polymer Chemistry Initiative. The unique design for the round parking lot in front is especially interesting and noteworthy. Also, if you want to help the university create something worth a patent, this is the place to go.

McCray Hall

Home to the Department of Music. McCray Hall is located on the southwest side of the main campus. It also houses the Sharon Kay Dean Recital Hall and a number of individual practice rooms. Beautiful sounds can be found inside and around this beautiful building.

McPherson Hall

McPherson Hall, located just west of the main campus between the stadium and the Weede, is home to the Irene Ransom Bradley School of Nursing.

Porter Hall

Located on the west side of the main campus, Porter Hall is the home of the Art Department, as well as various art studios and three art galleries: University Gallery, Harry Krug Art Gallery, and Second Floor Gallery. This is a great building to explore in your free time.

Russ Hall

Located on the west side of campus, Russ Hall is home to the History, Philosophy, and Social Sciences Department. Many administrative offices for the University, such as the President's Office, Office of the Registrar, and Office of Graduate and Continuing Studies, are also located in Russ Hall. It is likely every graduate of Pittsburg State University has visited this building several times. Also, it has some really nice columns in front.

Student Recreation Center

Located east of the main campus, the Student Recreation Center is home to the Military Science Department and the Health, Human Performance, and Recreation Department of the College of Education. It is also the Pittsburg Armory.

Whitesitt Hall

Whitesitt Hall houses the Women's and Gender Studies Office, as well as the Department of Psychology and Counseling within the College of Education. That's not all, the campus Post Office, Gorilla Geeks, Printing and Design Services, and the University Testing Center can also be found within. This building also features an exterior elevated hallway overlooking the dorms, dining hall, and Lindburg Plaza, making this building worth your time to explore in your free time.

Yates Hall

Yates Hall, on the northeast side of main campus, is home to the Mathematics and Physics Departments. The L. Russell Kelce Planetarium is also located in this building. Also, don't be frightened by the Tutorial Room (room 223), despite it's disproportionate amount of chalkboard space, it is a great room to learn something useful.

Each year the College of Arts and Sciences awards faculty for excellence in service, teaching, creative endeavor and research. Learn more

CAS Student Advisory Group 23

Visit the College of Arts & Sciences Student Advisory Council website to learn more about the group.

Dean's Student Advisory Council for 2022-23:

  • Trent Bandre - Mathematics
  • Grace Garrett - Political Science
  • Jonah Hensley - Biology and Criminal Justice
  • Gabrielle Roberts - Music Education
  • Jason Rowland - Nursing
  • Rachel Ruiz - Biology and Chemistry
  • Kennedy Tomasi - English and Spanish
  • Madeline Valencia - Biology
  • Katie Wells - Art
  • Braden Zaner - Communication