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Kelce College of Business

AACSB Accredited
Setting the standard for excellence in education, nationally recognized, and ranked among the best business schools in the country. Kelce College of Business programs are accredited by AACSB.

Become an expert in financial analysis, review, and projection with an Accounting degree at Pitt State.

Gain knowledge and skills in a wide variety of business disciplines to thrive in small or large company environments

Interpret data, analyze economic data, and make strategic decisions for businesses across a variety of industries.

Gain knowledge and analytical abilities required for business decision-making and information technology utilization, which is highly valued in many global industries.

Manage money, investments, and financial assets to make informed decisions in the business world.

Gain practical skills and real-world experience to succeed in a globally competitive marketplace.

 Learn how to plan projects, nurture relationships with clients, and motivate team members.

Learn to analyze market trends, understand consumer needs and preferences, and develop effective marketing strategies to promote products, services, and brands.

AACSB-accredited MBA program can give you more career options, higher earning potential, and the confidence to grow your professional career in any business environment.

Mission and Vision


Our mission is to provide a quality construction education and develop professional leaders for the construction industry through extensive recruitment, real-world education and successful placement. We strive to improve the community through service, economic development and applied research.


Our vision is to be an innovative leader in an effective, people-centered, collaborative, accessible learning environment maximizing the potential of construction students, faculty and industry constituents.

School of Construction Accreditations

Construction Engineering Technology - accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission (ETAC) of ABET,

Construction Management - accredited by the Applied and Natural Science Accreditation Commission (ANSAC) of ABET,

Why chose and ABET accredited program? 

ABET accreditation criteria and information.

Educational Objectives and Outcomes

Educational objectives are broad statements that describe the career and professional accomplishments that the program is preparing its graduates to achieve within two to five years of the start of their professional career. The educational objectives of the School of Construction at Pittsburg State University are:

  • Objective 1: Graduates will have the ability to enter and continue advancement within the construction industry or construction-related industries including managerial or technical positions in construction field supervision, project management, cost estimating, scheduling, contract administration, material testing and inspection, field engineering and surveying, supervised design, technical sales, or governmental regulation.
  • Objective 2: Graduates will have a sense of professionalism that allows them to become informed and participating citizens cognizant of ethics, civic duty, and social responsibility.
  • Objective 3: Graduates will have technical skills and knowledge in mathematics, science, engineering, and technology to support planning, analyzing, and solving of engineering and construction problems using current and appropriate management and design tools and techniques.
  • Objective 4: Graduates will have business skills and knowledge in management practices, cost accounting, and financial decision-making to support sound construction project management.
  • Objective 5: Graduates will have leadership skills that prepare them to assume roles in which they can effectively create an environment in which others attain their full potential.
  • Objective 6: Graduates will have effective verbal, non-verbal, and interpersonal communication skills to support their role in industry.

Outcomes are statements that describe what students are expected to know and be able to do by the time of graduation. These relate to the skills, knowledge, and behaviors that the students acquire in their matriculation through the program.

  • Outcome 1: Students will demonstrate an appropriate mastery of the knowledge, techniques, skills and modern tools/software of construction related to: contract documents, codes, materials testing, construction layout/surveying, best construction methods/practices, estimating, scheduling, safety, design of construction systems (temporary structures, concrete, foundations, formwork, basic electrical/mechanical systems), appropriate software (Excel, Autocad, Primavera, Timberline).
  • Outcome 2: Students will demonstrate an ability to apply current knowledge and adapt to emerging application of mathematics, science, engineering and technology related to construction methods and design.
  • Outcome 3: Students will demonstrate an ability to conduct, analyze and interpret experiments, and apply experimental results to improve construction processes and solve construction problems.
  • Outcome 4: Students will demonstrate an ability to apply creativity in the design of construction systems, components, or processes.
  • Outcome 5: Students will demonstrate the ability to communicate (graphically, verbally and non-verbally) and function effectively in teams.
  • Outcome 6: Students will understand the importance of lifelong learning, continuous improvement, timeliness and a commitment to quality.
  • Outcome 7: Students will understand professional, ethical and social responsibilities, and show a respect for diversity and a knowledge of contemporary professional, societal and global issues.

No credit is allowed toward graduation or to satisfy prerequisite requirements for grades below "C" in construction engineering technology or construction management technical specialty courses, MATH 113, and MATH 122.

Enrollment and Graduation Data

School of Construction Enrollment and Degrees Awarded Data
School of Construction Enrollment Data

Construction Leadership Council

About Kelce College of Business

The Kelce College of Business at Pittsburg State University is dedicated to offering top-notch business education, boasting small class sizes and student-focused instruction. Read more about Kelce

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The Kelce College of Business has many opportunities for students to participate in student run organizations and extracurricular activities. There are several organizations designed to get students involved and allow them to put their classroom knowledge to effective use while gaining experience in the process.

Take advantage of going abroad and gain new perspectives with numerous study abroad programs. Business majors can study on longer summer or semester programs. Our partner universities offer programs in Finland, France, South Korea, and Taiwan.

At Kelce College of Business, students are encouraged to be engaged in the learning process and their future careers in business. In addition to awards based on high quality classroom work, we recognize students who show innovative thinking and get involved, leaving behind a memorable impact on the college, student organizations, and the community.

Providing current and prospective businesses with the latest data, cutting edge research, and expert advice on regional economic trends and issues.

The Kelce College of Business is the home for two internationally recognized academic journals: The American Economist, and the Journal of Managerial Issues.

The Internal Auditing Program at Pittsburg State is officially endorsed by the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) as an Internal Auditing Education Partnership (IAEP) Program, and is one of only 47 IAEP Programs worldwide.

Graduate Assistantship opportunities may be available within the college, in each department, or university-wide. Graduate Assistantships are limited and granted on a competitive basis. To apply for a GA position in Kelce, check for vacancies at Gorillas4Hire.

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