Board approves modest tuition and fee increase 

The Kansas Board of Regents approved tuition and fee rates for the upcoming year at Pittsburg State University, as well as the state’s other five universities, this week.   

The governing body authorized increases to the rates with an eye toward improving student success, increasing need-based student financial aid, and delivering the workforce that Kansas needs. 

Pitt State’s increase will be 3.5 percent for undergraduate tuition, or $107 per semester. The increase for combined tuition and fees will be 3 percent. 

Pitt State students saw no increases in three of the past five years. The university offers flat-rate tuition, which means students may take as many hours as they wish for the same flat rate, and in-state undergraduate tuition for 32 states.  

In March, the university announced the Great Gorilla scholarship program, a radical shift in aid for new freshmen. The program awards up to $4,000 per year, which is renewable for four years. In addition, students who currently receive merit-based aid will have their aid extended for two additional years.  

“We have made it a priority to keep tuition rate changes below general inflation and invest in student aid to help our students overcome the financial barriers often associated with higher education, said President Dan Shipp. “Any increases go directly back into ensuring our students find success here, and it’s working. Early indicators show student retention numbers will top 80 percent this fall, which is a first for Pitt State.”