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Pittsburg Micropolitan Area Economic Report and Data

The Kelce College of Business is the home for two internationally recognized academic journals: The American Economist, and the Journal of Managerial Issues.

The American Economist

As the official publication of Omicron Delta Epsilon, The International Honor Society in Economics The American Economist is a peer reviewed academic journal that publishes original research from all fields and schools of economic thought. The American Economist specifically encourages submissions from young scholars and those who are teaching the next generation of economists, and it regularly publishes papers from experienced and prominent economists whose influence has shaped the discipline. To date, twenty-three Nobel laureates in economics have published in the journal.

American Economist website

Journal of Managerial Issues

The purpose of the Journal of Managerial Issues is to contribute to the advancement of business knowledge by publishing high-quality basic and applied research across the functional areas of business. Its primary goal is to disseminate the results of new and original scholarly activity to a broad audience consisting of university faculty and administrators, business executives, consultants, and governmental managers. The Journal was established as a means to disseminate the latest information and findings of both the academic and business communities, and to act as a bridge between them.

JMI webpage