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Student Achievement

Providing transformational experiences for its students and community is at the heart of Pittsburg State University’s Strategic Plan – Pathway to Prominence.  Student Achievement initiatives are driven by ongoing assessment, institutional research, program review and accreditation activities.  The information below provides a snapshot of how transformational experiences are impacting student achievement at Pittsburg State University.



INTRODUCTION: Retention rates are calculated by determining the number of full-time, first-time bachelor's (or equivalent) degree-seeking undergraduate students who were enrolled on the 20th day of a fall semester and returned and were enrolled on the 20th day of the next fall semester. The Retention Profile includes a summary report along with rates by Race/Ethnicity, Gender, Residency and Age Group.



INTRODUCTION: Graduation rates are determined by reviewing how much time it takes for cohorts of full time, first-time degree seeking and undergraduate students enrolled in the fall to graduate with a degree. The Graduation Profile includes a summary report with 4-year, 5-year, 6-year and 8-year rates along with 4-year, 5-year, and 6-year rates by Race/Ethnicity, Gender, Residency and Age Group.



INTRODUCTION: Credential numbers measure students who have achieved a credential or earned a degree during Academic Years 2016-2021. The Credentials Profile includes a summary report along with completions by Race/Ethnicity, Gender, Residency, Age Group and Award Type.



INTRODUCTION: The Employment and Wages numbers measure average earnings over a 6-year period of students who earned a credential in year 2016. The Employment & Wages Profile includes earnings by Award Type, Race/Ethnicity, Gender and Residency. Region is defined as Kansas and Missouri.

Filed with the Kansas Board of Regents each year, the Employment Data Report (EDR) Fiscal Year 2021 documents the number of graduates in each of PSU's programs and what percentage were employed coming out of school. It even provides a by-school breakdown of their salary information. The last ten EDR can be found at: