The Pittsburg State University Chapter
of the Kansas National Education Association,
affiliated with the Kansas National Education Association (KNEA)
and the National Education Association (NEA) 

Our Goals

  • To promote better educational opportunities for all students and to elevate the quality of instruction;
  • To develop and promote the adoption of such ethical practices, personnel policies, and standards of preparation and participation as mark a profession;

  • To develop and promote a continuing program to advance instruction by improving salaries and fringe benefits, by upgrading professional preparation, and by improving working conditions for all members of the faculty through formal negotiations with the governing body of Pittsburg State University;

  • To enable members to speak with a common voice on matters pertaining to the teaching profession and to present their individual and common interests;

  • To help educators develop an awareness of their privileges and responsibilities as citizens.



  • Regular membership shall be available to: a) any faculty member with teaching assignments, except for administrative members of the faculty at the level of development chairperson and above; b) support personnel (which includes instructional media personnel, librarians, and others of academic rank not excluded in Article III, Sec. 1a, or included in Article III, Sec. 2).  Such persons shall be entitled to hold membership, to vote, to hold office, and to serve on Chapter committees, providing such persons are also members of KNEA/NEA.
  • Associate membership shall be available to academic department chairpersons, directors, and other who perform professional services for students and teaching faculty, providing such persons are also members of KNEA/NEA.  Associate members are not entitled to vote, to hold office, or to serve on Chapter committees.  




Membership Contact Information 

For information on becoming a member for PSU-KNEA, please contact:  

Khamis Siam, President

Office:  301 Yates Hall, 620-235-4754

Grant Moss, Membership Chair



Top Ten Reasons to Join KNEA


KNEA Fall Social 2022
KNEA Fall Social November 2022 (photo courtesy Ananda Jayawardana) 


President Shipp Meets with KNEA
President Shipp Meets with KNEA Executive and Bargaining Committees, October 2022



PSU KNEA * Pittsburg State University

1701 South Broadway * Pittsburg KS 66762




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KNEA Officers, Delegates, and Committee Members 2022-2023

Executive Committee Members 


Khamis Siam, President, 2022-2023 (1-year term)

Amy Hite, 1st Vice President, 2022-2023 (1 year term)

Grant Moss, 2nd Vice President (Membership Chair), 2022-2023 (1 year term)

Susan Johns-Smith, Secretary, 2021-2023* (2 year term)

Ruth Monnier, Treasurer, 2022-2024 (2 year term)

Kyle Thompson, Parliamentarian, 2021-2023 (2 year term)


*Constitution indicates elections in odd years


KNEA-RA & Southeast Uniserv Council Delegates


Susan Carlson, 2022-2023 (1 year term)

Mark Diacopoulos, 2022-2023 (1 year term)



NEA-RA Delegates


Mark Diacopoulos, 2022-2023 (1 year term) 

Susan Carlson, (Alternate delegate), 2022-2023 (1 year term)


Bargaining Team 


Peter Chung, 2022-2024

Mike Elder, 2022-2024

Jessica Jorgensen Borchert, 2022-2024*

Chris Anderson, 2022* replacing J. Borchert while on sabbatical

Trent Lindbloom, 2022-2024

Laura Washburn, Lead Negotiator, 2022-2024


Bargaining Council (10 elected, 5 appointed)


Chris Anderson, 2022-2024

Mark Diacopoulos, 2022-2024

Rick Hardy, 2022-2024

Kris Lawson, 2022-2024

Kent Runyan, 2022-2024

Barth Cox, 2022-2023

Browyn Conrad, 2022-2023

Amy Hite, 2022-2023

Lori Martin, 2021-2023

Theresa Presley, 2021-2023



Grievance Committee (6 members, 3-year term, 2 per year)

Peter Chung, 2022-2025

Randy Winzer, 2022-2025

Chris Anderson, 2021-2024

Jamie Wood, 2021-2024

Browyn Conrad, 2020-2023



Membership Committee (3 members, 2-year term, even years)

Grant Moss, Chair, 2022-2023

Chris Anderson, 2022-2024

Jason Clemensen, 2022-2024

Lori Martin, 2022-2024



Elections Committee (3 members, 2-year term, even years)

Jason Clemensen, Chair, 2022-2024

Barth Cox, 2022-2024



Fall 2022

September 6, 2022 - Fall Gathering Dinner, PSU Alumni Center, 5:30 p.m.




What Can PSU/KNEA Do for You?

  • Work for quality education at PSU.
  • Continue to advocate for faculty rights.
  • Negotiate for fair employment practices.
  • Work to ensure academic freedom and other fundamental concepts of the profession.
  • Bargain for fair rates of compensation.
  • Bargain for the ‘unit’ in contract negotiations for all things considered ‘conditions of employment’.
  • Publicly defend and represent the faculty, assisting the ‘unit’ in grievance issues. We sincerely hope that you will not have need of this service.

Why Join?

  • It is the professional teacher's organization.
  • Because you, like KNEA, want quality schools for all ages and levels.
  • We can also assist with obtaining legal advice and provide an attorney-referral program for non-job related issues.
  • For all the reasons above and so much more.

Did You Know?

  • All faculty promotion dollars and contractual travel funds are negotiated by PSU-KNEA.
  • The negotiation of intellectual property rights was protected in a case argued by PSU-KNEA at the Kansas Supreme Court.
  • Moving PSU faculty salaries from the lowest in the state system to number 4 is the result of PSU-KNEA bargaining.
  • A grievance procedure where faculty can make their case to peers is the result of PSU-KNEA bargaining.

Member Benefits

NEA/KNEA Member Benefits provides a wide range of programs that help improve the overall quality of life for members and their families. From affordable insurance and secure investments, to advance technology and convenient, accessible credit, NEA/KNEA Member Benefits programs can help members get significantly more out of life and their hard-earned dollars. Benefits include:

  • Life Insurance Programs
  • Health and Disability Insurance Programs
  • Casualty Insurance
  • Savings and Investment Programs
  • Credit Programs
  • Special Discount Programs
  • Loan Programs
  • Member Education Guides
  • NEA/KNEA Attorney Referral Program
  • We provide liability insurance protection plus access to specially trained staff and KNEA attorneys should you ever find yourself with job-related legal trouble.
  • KNEA's Access to Savings Plan offering a variety of discounts and savings opportunities at business across the state and region.
  • NEA DUES-TAB® Insurance. Provides up to $1,000 of FREE life insurance coverage and up to $5,000 of accidental death and dismemberment coverage to eligible members. All at no cost to the NEA member.


PSU Student Program of KNEA / NEA 

For information on joining the student chapter of PSU KNEA/NEA please contact
Dr. Mark Diacopoulos, Faculty Advisor, College of Education, 620-235-4916
KNEA New Shield 198x159 small


2022 Student Chapter Fall

From left to right:  Emily Crowley, Brox Bogner, Kay Kraybill, Mark Diacopoulos.