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Graduate Student Advisory Council

Welcome, Graduate Students!

Our mission here is to facilicate communication among graduate students, faculty, and administrators, promote professional development and interaction among the graduate student population through social events, academic events, and specialized workshops, and act as a resource for current, as well as incoming graduate student

Upcoming GSAC Meetings and Events

In person meetings in the Balkans Room of Overman Student Center or Zoom invitation.  If you would like the zoom invitation email Lisa Allen at

Monday, February 27, 2022 at 3:30 PM

2022-2023 Officers:

President - Megan Peters

Vice President - Rylee Dennis

Secretary/Treasurer - Catherine Miller

2022-2023 Representatives:

Biology - Luke Headings

Biology - Mary Marine

Biology - Bobbi Monroe

Communication - Chih-Chieh Chang

Communication - Tanner Glenn

Communication - Treyton Meyers

Engineering Technology - Angel Pena

Engineering Technology - Lukas Amershek

English and Modern Languages - Catherine Miller

English and Modern Languages - Alima Tazhikerim

HHPR - Karissa Winkel

HHPR - Libby Van Rheen

History - Morgan Blalock

History - Michelle Cronk

MBA - Sarah Clausen

MBA - Joel Kafka

Materials Science - Teddy Mageto

Materials Science - Shiva Bhardwaj

Mathematics - Ty Covey

Mathematics - Rylee Dennis

Music - Brock Willard

Music - Devon Turner

Nursing - Bailey Kuhlman

Nursing - Kristy Hutchison

Physics - Isaac Humbard

Physics - Kirandeep Kaur

Psychology & Counseling - Emily Erickson

Psychology & Counseling - Megan Peters

TCHL (Educational Leadership) - Tiffani Moorecrouch

TCHL (Educational Leadership) - Dee Barnett

TCHL (Educational Technology) - Kelly Kelly

TCHL (Educational Technology) - Chandler Edwards

TCHL (Special Education) - Riley Long

TCHL (Special Education) - Kendal Wolf

TCHL (Elementary/Secondary) - Shawn Lasota

TCHL (Reading) - Jennifer Sewell

TCHL (Reading) - Jordan Gossard

TCHL (Reading) - Milaela Platt

TCHL (Reading) - Kelsey Leech

TCHL (ESOL) - Evelyn Lopez Villalpando

TCHL (ESOL) - David Brinkley

TWL (Technology) - Shoinbek Shoinbekov

TWL (Technology) - Zeshan Shah

TWL (Career and Technical Education) - Sonora Jones

TWL (Human Resource Development) - Kailan Cloud

Lisa Allen, Assistant Registrar of Graduate Studies

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