Graduate Student Advisory Council

Welcome, Graduate Students!

This page is designed especially for you. You can find information about the Graduate Student Advisory Council. Our mission is to:

- facilitate communication among graduate students, faculty, and administrators
- promote professional development and interaction among the graduate student population through social events, academic events, and specialized workshops
- act as a resource for current, as well as incoming graduate student
Graduate advisory council

Upcoming GSAC Meetings and Events


2018-2019 Officers:

President - Samantha Way

Vice President - Kala Bartelsmeyer

Secretary/Treasurer - Chandler Templin

2018-2019 Representatives:

Biology - David Hollie

Biology - Ashleigh Elbert

Chemistry - Ren Bean

Polymer Chemistry - Camila Zsquine

Communication - Nick Bartelli

Communication - Ryann Wiseman

Engineering Technology - Harpreet Singh

Engineering Technology -Chaitanya Kodavala

English and Modern Languages - Chanda Williams

English and Modern Languages - Tyler Breedlove

History -

HHPR - Samantha Way

HHPR - Carianne Cuevas

MBA - Emilia Cardenas

MBA - Chandler Templin

Mathematics - James Beyer

Mathematics - Haley Botts

Music - Emilia Cardenas

Nursing - Stormy Carter

Nursing - Terri Johnson

Physics - Michael Anderson

Psychology & Counseling - Jose (J.P.) Parlade

Psychology & Counseling - Amanda Welch

TCHL Educational Leadership -

TCHL Education Technology - Megan Klein

TCHL Special Education -

TCHL Reading/Elementary/Secondary -


TWL Technology - Aakash Bhinde

TWL Technology - Karan Gangani

TWL Technology/GIT - Kelsey Colwell

TWL Career and Technical Education -

TWL Human Resource Development - Kala Bartelsmeyer

TWL Human Resource Development - Mollie Drapeau


Brenda Roberts, TCHL

B.B. Stotts, Director of Graduate and Continuing Studies

Archived Minutes