Graduate Student Advisory Council

Welcome, Graduate Students!

This page is designed especially for you. You can find information about the Graduate Student Advisory Council. Our mission is to:

- facilitate communication among graduate students, faculty, and administrators
- promote professional development and interaction among the graduate student population through social events, academic events, and specialized workshops
- act as a resource for current, as well as incoming graduate student
Graduate advisory council
Please mark your calendar and make arrangements to attend our future meetings which have been schedules for the following dates:
*Look for more information to come for Spring 2019 meetings and events!*

2018-2019 Officers:

President - Samantha Way

Vice President - Kala Bartelsmeyer

Secretary/Treasurer - Chandler Templin

2018-2019 Representatives:

Biology - David Hollie

Biology - Ashleigh Elbert

Chemistry - Ren Bean

Polymer Chemistry - Camila Zsquine

Communication - Nick Bartelli

Communication - Ryann Wiseman

Engineering Technology - Harpreet Singh

Engineering Technology -Chaitanya Kodavala

English and Modern Languages - Chanda Williams

English and Modern Languages - Tyler Breedlove

History -

HHPR - Samantha Way

HHPR - Carianne Cuevas

MBA - Emilia Cardenas

MBA - Chandler Templin

Mathematics - James Beyer

Mathematics - Haley Botts

Music - Emilia Cardenas

Nursing - Stormy Carter

Nursing - Terri Johnson

Physics - Michael Anderson

Psychology & Counseling - Jose (J.P.) Parlade

Psychology & Counseling - Amanda Welch

TCHL Educational Leadership -

TCHL Education Technology - Megan Klein

TCHL Special Education -

TCHL Reading/Elementary/Secondary -


TWL Technology - Aakash Bhinde

TWL Technology - Karan Gangani

TWL Technology/GIT - Kelsey Colwell

TWL Career and Technical Education -

TWL Human Resource Development - Kala Bartelsmeyer

TWL Human Resource Development - Mollie Drapeau


Brenda Roberts, TCHL

B.B. Stotts, Director of Graduate and Continuing Studies

Archived Minutes