Graduate Student Advisory Council

Welcome, Graduate Students!

This page is designed especially for you. You can find information about the Graduate Student Advisory Council. Our mission is to:

- facilitate communication among graduate students, faculty, and administrators
- promote professional development and interaction among the graduate student population through social events, academic events, and specialized workshops
- act as a resource for current, as well as incoming graduate student

Upcoming GSAC Meetings and Events

In person meetings in the Balkins room of Overman Student Center or zoom invitation.  If you would like the zoom invitation email B. B. Stotts at

2021-2022 Officers:

President - Megan Munger

Vice President - May Marine

Secretary/Treasurer - Alexis Melson

Past-President - Latayzia Harris

2021-2022 Representatives:

Biology - Mary Whiteacre Marine

Chemistry - Tabytha "Chanel" Yeary

Communication - Jaquelyn Bouchie

Communication - Tanner Glenn

Engineering Technology - Angel C. Pena

English and Modern Languages - Megan Munger

English and Modern Languages - Alexis Melson

English and Modern Languages - Emily Trejo

HHPR - Karissa Winkel

HHPR - Libby VanRheen

History - Morgan Blalock

History - Michelle Cronk

Mathematics - Ty Covey

Music - Brock Willard

Music - Victoria Alumbaugh

Nursing - Bailey Kuhlman

Nursing - Wendy Overstreet

Physics - Jacob Zarda

Psychology & Counseling - Kaylee Coulter

Psychology & Counseling - Tiffany DeMoss

TCHL Educational Leadership - Emily Flores Monsour

TCHL Educational Leadership - Mikaela Burgess

TCHL Educational Technology - Abby Shopper

TCHL Special Education - Riley Long

TCHL Special Education - Kendal Wolf

TCHL Elementary/Secondary - Whitley Chesney

TCHL Elementary/Secondary - Ilani Mann

TCHL Elementary/Secondary - Kristi Neef

TCHL Reading - Jennifer Sewell

TCHL Reading - Jordan Gossard

TCHL ESOL - Morgan Sperry

TCHL ESOL - Clint Hayes

TWL Technology - Saivardhan Banoor

TWL Career and Technical Education - Trenton Smedley

TWL Human Resource Development - Jenifer McDonald

TWL Human Resource Development - Achsah Clark


B. B. Stotts, Director of Graduate and Continuing Studies

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