CAEP Annual Reporting Measures

Measures of Program Impact,

Program Outcomes and Consumer Information

Annual Reporting Measures (CAEP Components 5.4, A.5.4)

CAEP Accountability Measures for CHEA Requirements [2022-2023 Academic Year]

  • Measure 1 (Initial): Completer effectiveness. (R4.1) Data must address: (a) completer impact in contributing to P-12 student-learning growth AND (b) completer effectiveness in applying professional knowledge, skills, and dispositions.
  • Measure 2 (Initial and Advanced): Satisfaction of employers and stakeholder involvement. (R4.2|R5.3| RA4.1)
    Data provided should be collected on employers' satisfaction with program completers. 
  • Measure 3 (Initial and Advanced): Candidate competency at completion. (R3.3)
    Data provided should relate to measures the EPP is using to determine if candidates are meeting program expectations and ready to be recommended for licensure. (E.g.: EPP's Title II report, data that reflect the ability of EPP candidates to meet licensing and state requirements or other measures the EPP uses to determine candidate competency at completion.)
  • Measure 4 (Initial and Advanced): Ability of completers to be hired (in positions for which they have prepared.)