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What is Sustainability?

Three Aspects of Sustainability



Taking care of our surroundings, from picking up litter and reducing pollution to wildlife and rainforest conservation.



Aspiring to treat ourselves and each other with fairness and respect. 



Living responsibly and within our means so that we aren't a burden on others.

Each of these aspects also overlap with each other. We don't live in a vacuum; everything we do has an impact on the world and the people who live on it. The same can be said for sustainability.


How society interacts with our environment. This can include how we plan and design our homes and cities, how we take care of the resources we have available to us, and the ways we interact with the environment. We also have to contend with the natural patterns of nature and how they can affect us. Drought, wildfires and threats of hurricanes and flooding need to be considered when planning new construction projects.


How economics affects the environment; How the environment affects economics. Environmentally friendly products are becoming more common, making it easier to purchase goods with less packaging, less hazardous cleaners, and foods grown using sustainable methods. As companies look for ways of harnessing renewable sources of energy, these will become more common and less expensive.


Fair and equitable economic treatment of everyone. Purchasing fair trade goods, where the growers receive a livable wage for selling their crops, is a way to give people in developing areas of the world a chance to earn a better life. Boycotting companies who have an unfavorable environmental track record can send a strong message that can result in positive change. Supporting local businesses helps your friends and neighbors and can keep money in your local economy. Likewise, some large companies work to protect the environment and support communities around the world with donations and social betterment programs.

Sustainable Development

"Meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

- Brundtland Report