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Campus Culture

Recycling Initiatives

PSU Recycling engages in initiatives year-round to maintain a culture of sustainability. From Move-In Mayhem at the beginning of each semester to Move Out Madness at the end, our recycling team diverts waste and repurposes items from a variety of events and operations.  

Learn more about campus recycling initiatives

Student Sustainability Fee

Available Fall 2018, the Student Sustainability Fee will offer mini-grants to students and faculty looking to complete projects furthering sustainability. A "review committee" will begin accepting and reviewing mini-grant applications in the spring 2019.

Sustainability Committee

The University Sustainability Committee meets monthly to develop and monitor the implementation of the institution's sustainability plan. Chaired by the Campus Sustainability Coordinator, the Committee is represented by faculty, Deans and department chairs, representatives from related offices across campus, and students. The Committee submits a report to the University Strategic Planning Council on an annual basis (May 1st of each year), focusing sustainability planning activities for the previous year.

  • Committee members

Brian Peery (Campus Sustainability Coordinator)

Jon Bartlow (Committee Co-Chair)

David Adams

Tom Amershek

Christine Brodsky

Steve Cox

Marc Daczewitz

Jean Dockers

Joe Firman

June Freund

Lindell Haverstic

Catherine Hooey

Jim Hughes

Dai Li

Delia Lister

Alicia Mason

Greg Murray

Shawn Naccarato

Tonya Pentola

Mary Carol Pomatto

Pete Rosen

Dennis Sellegren

Tim Senecaut

 Dixie Smith

Jeff Stotts

Bob Susnik

Kristina Taylor

Jim Triplett

Cate Walker



Health and Well-Being Classes and Facilities

Health and well-being classes and facilities found at Pittsburg State help encourage a healthy and happy lifestyle among students, faculty, and the local community. Classes include physical fitness courses from racquetball to basketball, therapeutic recreation courses such as yoga, and a general introduction to lifetime fitness.

PSU offers facilities to students, faculty, and community residents including the Garfield Weede Building and pool, an indoor track, turf football field, and weight room at the Robert W. Plaster Center, and the Student Recreation Center, which features 3 full-sized basketball courts, various weights and exercise machines, and fitness classrooms.

The Bryant Student Health Center provides Pittsburg State University students with high quality evidenced based medical care and health education to support collegiate success and sustained wellness.

Nature Reach

An initiative of the PSU Biology Department since 1985, Nature Reach provides natural history and environmental education outreach programming to school and community groups. Off-campus programs bring live animals directly to local classrooms. Summer programs provide opportunities for hands-on learning. Teachers become better educators with our teacher workshops. Valuable, real world training is given to college students preparing for careers from veterinary medicine to wildlife management.