Partnerships and Outreach

Aquaponics System

Students for Sustainability (S4S) operate an aquaponics system in a Biology Greenhouse. The collaboration between PSU and the USD 247 School district was provided through the Crawford County Livewell organization and funded through the Kansas Health Foundation. Aquaponics is an integration of aquaculture and hydroponics. Fish, bacteria, and plants are grown together in one closed-loop system.


Nature Reach

Working out of PSU’s Biology Department, Nature Reach is committed to providing education and experiential learning opportunities about natural history and the environment. Nature Reach has opportunities for summer day camp programs, on-campus programs such as tours of the animals they care for, off-campus learning opportunities, as well as various volunteer or paid student positions.


Kansas Polymer Research Center

Located off of campus, the Kansas Polymer Research Center (KPRC) is an internationally recognized center for chemistry and materials science. The KPRC is dedicated to the advancement of renewable resource technology. They are recognized for their specialization in vegetable oil- based polymer research. KPCR scientists work with industrial partners, state and federal agencies and PSU.