GusPrint is PSU's cloud-based printing solution.  GusPrint is a user friendly printing solution for Pittsburg State University students that can be found in several convenient locations across campus.  You can print from PSU computers and your personal devices by following the simple steps listed below.  In addition, Banana Bucks makes paying for GusPrint even more convenient, so make sure that you have funds in your Banana Bucks account.
  • General GusPrint Information
  • Webprinting
  • Printing from Lab Computer
  • Releasing Print Jobs
  • GusPrint Locations
  • PSU's printing policy

To print your document at one of our handy print release stations go to

If you are having trouble with this service, it may be a browser incompatibility issue.  Please try another browser.  If issues remain, contact Gorilla Geeks at 620-235-4600.

Go to
Log in with your AD credentials
Students: Username – PSU ID number
Password - PSU Unified password (password for GUS)
Click on WebPrint on left navigation
Click Submit Job
1. Choose printer – choose any printer from the list – If you select the Global Print Queue the printer will be chosen by the release station you use.
2. Print Options & Account Selection – choose number of copies
3. Upload Docs – Drag and drop documents from your computer or upload
Click Upload and Complete – job will go to release queue
In the application, go to File>Print
Choose the GusPrint printer
Log in with your AD credentials
Students: Username – PSU ID number
Password - PSU Unified password (password for GUS)
Message will appear that the job is being held in the queue
Swipe Gorilla Card or enter AD Credentials
Students: Username – PSU ID number
Password - PSU Unified password (password for GUS)
When jobs appear, Click Print
Application will close automatically when print is complete
Kelce College of Business (103 & 105)    
Hughes Hall (B22)
Heckart-Wells Hall (218)
Russ Hall (328)
Axe Library (1st Floor Lab & Circulation Desk)
Kansas Technology Center (S221)     
Gorilla Geeks (Whitesitt 109)
Student Recreation Center (Rotunda Area)
Nation Hall (Commons)
Dellinger Hall (Commons)
Bowen Hall (Commons)
Trout Hall (Commons)
Tanner Hall (Commons)
Crimson Commons (Commons)

For a map of GusPrint locations click here.

Policy Purpose: To align general purpose computer lab printing pricing on the campus of Pittsburg State University, creating equity and convenience for PSU students. Program specific special purpose labs will not be subject to the following pricing policy.

Policy: Pricing of printing in general purpose labs will be established on an annual basis and will be based on a principle of cost recovery.

Pricing for printing in Pittsburg State University computer labs for FY ’16
will be as follows:

  • Single Side Printing: Black and White: $0.10/page, and Color: $0.45/page.
  • Double Sided Printing: Black and White: $0.16/page, and Color:$0.70/page.

Pricing for years beyond FY ’16 will be indexed to the Higher Education Price Index (HEPI).

This policy will be in effect beginning 7-1-2015.

Developed by: The PSU Academic Deans

Approved by Information Technology Council: April 16, 2015

Approved by President’s Council: April 27, 2015

Banana Bucks Logo

You will need Banana Bucks to pay for printing.    

To load money onto your card click here or you can visit one of the following locations: Gorilla Geeks, Cashier's Office, Axe Library, or Overman Student Center.
For questions regarding GusPrint call Gorilla Geeks at 620-235-4600, or visit Whitesitt 109.