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Banana Bucks is an on-campus-only debit account. The card can be used for a variety of services on campus. There are several convenient locations around campus to add funds to your Banana Bucks Account.

Banana Bucks is a prepaid stored value program that allows funds to be loaded onto the Gorilla Card. The balance carries over from semester to semester. With Banana Bucks, you get the convenience of cash without the need to carry a pocket full of coins. To receive a refund from your Banana Bucks Account you must be a student graduating, transferring or withdrawing from the University; or a non-student employee ending employment, and the balance must be greater than $15.00. A refund request form must be completed at the Gorilla Card Office to receive your refund.

If a request for refund is not received within 12 months of leaving the University, the balance of funds in your Banana Bucks account will be turned over to the State Treasurer’s Office as unclaimed property. The University will assess an administrative fee of up to $15 on all Banana Bucks accounts 12 months after the account holder has left the University.

Funds can be added to your Banana Bucks Account at the following locations:

  • Gorilla Geeks 109 Whitesitt
  • Cashiers Office
  • Cash Value Center in Axe Library
  • Gorilla Card Online

The Gorilla Card may be used at the following locations:

  • Food
    • Gibson Dining Hall
    • Gorilla Crossing
    • KTCafe
    • University Club (U-Club)
  • Books, Supplies and Merchandise
    • PSU Book Store
  • GusPrint
  • Copy Machines & Microfilm Machines
    • Axe Library
    • KTC Library
  • Laundry Facilities
    • All residence halls
  • Other Services
    • Student Health Center

Gorilla Card Online features:

  • Login with your GUS PIN.
  • Review your current balance and transaction history for your Banana Bucks and housing meal plan accounts.
  • Make deposits to your Banana Bucks account. Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover are accepted.
  • Deactivate your Gorilla Card if lost or stolen and Reactivate your card if found.
  • Guest Deposits: Your family and friends can make deposits into your Banana Bucks Account.

Use the 9-digit Pitt State ID Number on your Gorilla Card to login to your Gorilla Card Online account.  Your 9-digit ID Number is the same ID Number you use for GUS, just add two or three zeros to the front to make 9 digits.  Example: If you use "0123456" for your GUS Login ID, your 9-digit ID Number would be "000123456".  You will use the same password you use for GUS.

Important news for your parents, family and friends. Deposits can be made to your Banana Bucks account without a login using the Guest Deposit feature. The 9-digit PSU ID Number for the account and a valid credit card is all that is required.  Please keep in mind, Banana Bucks can be used on-campus only and is different than your checking account, which can be used both on- and off-campus.


For questions concerning web issues, contact Gorilla Geeks at 620-235-4600 or at