First Time User FAQs

Q: How are Student GUSMail accounts created?
A: Emails are now created automatically upon admission to PSU.  

Q: When does a student's GUSMail account become their Primary Email in GUSClassic? 
A: GUSMail ( only becomes a student's Primary Email in GUSClassic once they are considered a pre-enrolled or enrolled student at PSU.

Q: How does a student make their GUSMail email account their Primary Email in GUSClassic? 
A: It is important to note that a student's GUSMail address ( be set as their Primary Email in order to enroll at PSU. To do this see the directions on our GUSMail page

Q: What is the Application to Login process for students?
A: The process from student application to PSU to their first PSU login can be found here

Q: What does the Admittance Email that students receive look like?
A: The sample PSU Admittance Email can be found here


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