Your PSU Password

While it is a good idea to recycle plastic, it is NOT a good idea to recycle your password.  Data breaches are happening all the time and if you use the same password on external sites that you use for PSU, your PSU account will also be compromised. Your PSU account contains valuable information about you and others at the sure it is protected.

Please check out the tips below for creating a secure password.  You can also find the PSU Password Policy at our IT Policies Page.



Password Tips

  • Use a passphrase that is easy to remember.  Example: !Lov3PSUG0rillas

  • Do no share your password with fellow students, co-workers, friends, or family

  • Never reuse a password or use on an external site

Setting/Resetting Your Password

To set up or reset your PSU Password, you can follow the steps below:

• Navigate to the Password Set/Reset Request Page.

• Enter your 7 digit PSU ID and click "Submit".

◦ If you don't know your PSU ID, contact the Gorilla Geeks help desk at (620)-235-4600 before completing the next steps.

• The next page will allow you to select a verification option to validate your identity before creating a password.

• You should be able to select an email address or mobile number from the dropdown list on this page. After selecting an email or mobile number, you can confirm it in the textbox that appears. After clicking "Next", a verification code will be sent to your email or texted to your mobile.

◦ If your only option is "I don't have access to these", select that and follow the directions to request your password reset code by calling the Gorilla Geeks help desk at (620)-235-4600 before completing the next steps.

• Enter the code you received on the next page and then you will be able to set your PSU Password.

◦ After setting your password, you are encouraged to set up/update email addresses and mobile numbers to use in this process in the future. There is a link on the page after setting your password to do this if desired.

• After completing the above steps, you should now be able to sign into apps through the GUS Portal with your PSU ID and new PSU Password.


Secure Password Creation

Passwords created by users of University systems, and on systems where technology makes enforcement possible, must conform to the following guidelines: 

  • Must be different than the user’s login name or the reverse of the name and must avoid use of identifiable personal information (names of family or pets, birthdates, etc.)

  • Must be a minimum of twelve (12) characters

  • Must include digits (0-9)

  • Must include both upper and lower case characters (a-z, A-Z)

  • Must use a special character (for example,* & % $)

These provisions will be enforced electronically whenever possible.

Changing Passwords

  • You will be prompted to change your password twice a year via email and in GUS Classic.

  • Your new password must be different from the previous twenty-four (24) passwords.

  • The new password must differ from the old password by at least five (5) characters.

  • All default passwords shall be changed to meet the current password requirements.  No default passwords shall remain in effect after the required initial usage.  Default passwords include passwords that are supplied with vendor hardware or software or passwords that are system generated.

  • Unnecessary permissions for terminated employees/contractors are revoked in a timely manner.

Protecting Passwords

  • Passwords should be treated as confidential University information.

  • Passwords should never be written down or posted for reference.

  • Passwords should not be included in email messages or other forms of electronic communication.

  • Passwords should not be transmitted or electronically stored in clear text.

Sharing Passwords

  • Sharing or allowing another person to use an individual account password is a violation of the PSU Password policy, unless the other person is an information technology (IT) professional assisting the user with a technical problem.

  • ITS approval is required prior to sharing a password with a vendor (approval may be granted on a one-time or continuing basis), and this vendor access may require implementing the appropriate technology infrastructure to accommodate the access (depending on the circumstance, and as determined by ITS).  Phone communications may be necessary with external information technology vendors.

  • It is recommended that passwords be changed after allowing use as permitted in this section.

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