Where do I start?

Are you interested in studying abroad, but you have no idea where to start? This page will help you know where to begin. 
Feel free to contact the Study Abroad Coordinator with any questions!
Check out the Map to Studying Abroad or scroll below to read more.
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Choosing a Program

Your first step is to choose a program. Some students have their heart set on a certain destination and choose a program based on location. Other students want/need a certain class and let the coursework guide their decision. 

Some questions to consider:

  • Do you want to study a language abroad? What classes do you want to take?
  • How long do you want to study? Short-term, summer, semester, year?
  • Do you want to study with other PSU students? 
  • Are you an independent traveler or would you like more guidance abroad?

Three types of programs:

  • Faculty-Led Programs: travel with other PSU students and a PSU faculty member. These programs are usually 1-2 weeks and have a set tour and excursions. These programs are the most popular for PSU students. 
  • Exchange Programs: study at a partner exchange university. Exchange programs are the most independent programs, as students will be an international student at another university and be immersed in the host country's culture. These programs are very popular because students on these programs pay PSU tuition. 
  • Affiliate Partner Programs: study with other American students and choose from a wide variety of programs all around the world. Affiliate companies offer great support from an on-site resident director and the programs include housing and some excursions. 

Financing Study Abroad

Can studying abroad be affordable? Yes! Planning ahead is key. There are many resources available to students in order to make studying abroad possible. Some programs are obviously more expensive than others, so if finances are your #1 factor in choosing a program, talk to the Study Abroad Coordinator.

Some options include:

  • PSU Study Abroad Stipend-We are happy to offer stipends to eligible PSU students. 
  • Federal Financial Aid-If you use loans to finance your studies, you can use them abroad. Some students also take out loans just for study abroad.
  • Scholarships-there are many scholarships available for which you can apply
  • Fundraising-get creative! How can you raise money to help fund your study abroad program.

Helpful tips:

  • Start early! Many scholarships are very competitive and require excellent essays. Talk to the Writing Center about polishing your essay and be sure not to miss the application deadline. 
  • Talk to the Office of Student Financial Assistance to discuss your financial aid options.
  • Apply to study abroad by the deadline (March 1st for summer/fall; October 1st for spring) so that you don't miss your chance for a Study Abroad Stipend.


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Have Questions?

Do you have a list of questions? Great! Feel free to schedule an appointment with the Study Abroad Coordinator to talk through the process and your options. Don't worry-you're not committing to anything by having an appointment-this is just the first step.

You can also check out some of our Frequently Asked Questions. 

Does a family member have questions? Check out our Parents page.

Ready to Apply?

Did you choose a program? Do you know when you'd like to go abroad? Your next step is to apply! 

If you're going on a faculty-led program, the faculty leader will accept you to the program and then the Study Abroad Coordinator will follow up with the next steps.

If you're going on an individual program, you'll apply to our Study Abroad Committee. You'll want to schedule an appointment with the Study Abroad Coordinator to make sure you're on track. The Study Abroad Committee will review your application to make sure it's a good fit for you academically. The Study Abroad Coordinator will then follow up with the next steps. 

Make sure to read the instructions on how to apply so you don't miss any steps.