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Study Abroad Financial Aid, Scholarships, & Stipends

Looking for a way to fund your study abroad adventure? Explore your financial aid, scholarship, and stipend options. 
How much does studying abroad cost? Scroll below to find out more.

Study Abroad Funding

When considering the total cost of your study abroad program, be sure to include the following items:

  • tuition
  • airfare
  • housing
  • ground transportation
  • international health insurance
  • passport and passport photos
  • visa
  • excursions
  • baggage fees
  • meals
  • souvenirs
  • required vaccinations/travel health consult
  • cell phone
  • books and supplies

If your program has an advertised price, be sure to look at the cost breakdown to see what is included and what will be an extra expense.

For all programs, there is a $60 application fee that you will pay after you apply and are accepted by the Study Abroad Committee.

Have questions? Meet with the Study Abroad Coordinator to find the program that best fits your needs and to find out what costs you will have. 

Comparison of Programs


  • Pay tuition to PSU
  • Pay room/board abroad
  • Purchase your own airline tickets


  • The program price often includes tuition, room, board, health insurance, and excursions
  • You will not pay PSU tuition for the semester you are abroad
  • Purchase your own airline tickets or pay an additional cost to the program so that they purchase your tickets


  • The program price usually includes airfare, lodging, some meals, and excursions.
  • You will pay PSU tuition for the class attached to the program